Reasons why every gay bottom must play an active role in sex!

Don't get confused with recognizing your sexual role and realizing your sensual responsibility. Gay sex involves two men with different sexual roles. A gay man can be a top, a bottom, or a versatile. These are typical sexual roles that are categorized according to a person's preferences, tastes, likes, and dislikes in bed while having sex with another man. Some like getting penetrated, some likes to penetrate and a few likes to do both.

According to the stereotypical sensual norms, the person who penetrates is considered to be taking up an active role in sex while the person who gets penetrated is always tagged with a passive role in sex. The gay community has typically confined people who worship dicks as bottoms and who dig into butt holes as tops. This scenario remains unchanged no matter what as these are treated as sexual roles but when it comes to sensual responsibilities, every gay man must be active.

People consider gay tops as dominants and gay bottoms as submissive. That's one more ridiculous fact revolves inside the community. You can be a gay bottom and you can still be dominant, who play an active role to spice up your sex session instead of considering yourself as a sex slave and lie like a lifeless body by submitting your butt hole for your top partner to fill it with his penis. You must come out of that typical gay