Reasons why every gay bottom must play an active role in sex!

Don't get confused with recognizing your sexual role and realizing your sensual responsibility. Gay sex involves two men with different sexual roles. A gay man can be a top, a bottom, or a versatile. These are typical sexual roles that are categorized according to a person's preferences, tastes, likes, and dislikes in bed while having sex with another man. Some like getting penetrated, some likes to penetrate and a few likes to do both.

According to the stereotypical sensual norms, the person who penetrates is considered to be taking up an active role in sex while the person who gets penetrated is always tagged with a passive role in sex. The gay community has typically confined people who worship dicks as bottoms and who dig into butt holes as tops. This scenario remains unchanged no matter what as these are treated as sexual roles but when it comes to sensual responsibilities, every gay man must be active.

People consider gay tops as dominants and gay bottoms as submissive. That's one more ridiculous fact revolves inside the community. You can be a gay bottom and you can still be dominant, who play an active role to spice up your sex session instead of considering yourself as a sex slave and lie like a lifeless body by submitting your butt hole for your top partner to fill it with his penis. You must come out of that typical gay bottom mindset.

Just because your penetration role is restricted to be passive, it doesn't mean you have to let things happen without your personal, physical, mental, emotional, and sensual involvement. No gay top likes a person who does nothing but lies like a piece of meat who only responds when it is required. That's one kind of a toxic sensual relationship. Be a worthier bottom than a stereotypical one who gives a chance for others to criticize the sexual roles of the gay community.

Your effeminate personality has nothing to do with your sexual role. You don't have to force yourself to take a penis inside of your hole just because you act feminine. That's another bull shit many gays believe. Your personality and behavioral patterns are different from your sexual roles. So, opt for a role that you can perform and do justice for it. Never get forced by these unnamed theories. Do things that you like to do, this way you become active in sex.

Be a gay bottom who can ride when his partner becomes tired or need a pause for a while but still want to have sex with you. That's how a gay couple must act in bed. You have to support each other to attain sensual pleasure together. Being a bottom doesn't make you an elite who just experiences things but doesn't act upon them. So, take up the charge and position yourself on top of your partner to ride his dick as wild as you can and that's my dear is being active.

You can still be active by taking up the passive role in sex. Because being active is all about taking the initiation, approaching with new aspects of sex, encouraging your partner when it is needed, understanding your partner and act accordingly without the need of instruction, being physically and mentally present in the sensual world of sex, above all, it's being responsible towards engaging physically with another man!

If you remain an inactive person in your passive role of being a gay bottom, your sex sounds lame and it doesn't even count as an experience. Always remember, you can climax if you jerk off too but that's not sex. You need to climax by mutually attaining the nirvana of sex with your sex partner.

  • Suggest some experimental positions to your partner.

  • Keep him hard by talking sensually all the time.

  • Never take your hands off of your partner. You must constantly maintain skin contact through body play or kissing.

  • Alternatively, switch positions by suggesting your partner take a break from thrusting his manhood because you are capable enough to ride harder.

  • Sweat it out by moving your ass literally. Don't lie like a dead body.

  • Control the speed of the penetrations because that depends on you and not on your gay top partner. Keep this in your mind.

  • Open up as much as you can physically through your butt hole, mentally through relaxing your body, and emotionally through your controlling mind.

  • Make sure you demand the things you want to be experienced and also revert the same with your partner. Be selfish in the give and take policy when it comes to fulfilling se