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Rainbow Hair....

Are you an ardent lover of Pride marches and always want to sport a new look especially with new hairdos and hair colors? Well, then this Pride Month, get ready to carry rainbow hair colors in your hair. Because, it's all about colorful life and hair is the best natural accessory for a person to unleash the colorful and happy personality. But sporting rainbow hair is not so easy task. Forget about the people's judgments and scoldings from family members, one must need to take good care of the hair before and after getting the Pride Hair coloring done.

Rainbow hair doesn't only mean carrying the VIBGYOR colors. Many shades of Pastel colors can also be included in this hair coloring technique. One must be bold enough to carry this hair because the hair looks must befit the personality. The loud personalities can easily carry the Rainbow Hair at any place but when it comes to the sober and calm personalities, soft pastel shades are the best answers to portray their happy and calm going selves.

Many people love to change their hair colors more often, but loving the hair is more important than loving the hair coloring because a lot of care must be taken for a color treated hair. If not, the tresses become dry and eventually, they shed in a large amount in the form of hair brittle and hair fall. This Pride Month, all the LGBTQ fashionistas plans to carry various colors in their hair, especially rare rainbow colors and soft pastels.

But, according to the hair science, the natural pigments which presents in hair cuticles vary from dark to light which results in different natural hair colors. So, one must really need to pre-lighten the hair to the very lightest yellow before getting the rainbow hair color treatment. Because, the natural color pigments must be taken off from the hair to fill in with artificial color pigments. Various shades of hair color tubes contain various artificial color pigments which must be chemically treated to get them fit in the natural hair strands of a person.

Obviously, when you take off the natural pigments of the hair, the strength of the hair reduces. So take care while you are getting the pre lightening treatment. Don't forget to get the extra care treatment to strengthen the hair during hair coloring. The best hair treatment for the pre-lightened and color treated hair is Olaplex hair treatment. This will rebuild and strengthen the bonds, which present in the hair strands. Visit for more information about the pre and post hair color treatments.

So, if you are getting a rainbow hair color done this pride month to show your support to the LGBTQ Community, please don't forget to buy the Olaplex Home Care to nourish your hair every day. Because, having a good hair is indeed a pride right. A color treated hair care must be always intense because at the end of the day, it's not your natural hair. So, take proper care of your hair.

The rainbow hair color trend is not only much about flaunting all the pride colors in the hair. There are various hair coloring techniques like Strobing, contouring, Ombre, Global and Highlights etc. The adoption of colors plays vital role in presenting one's own personality. A proper mix and match of few colors with a highlighting technique, a monochromatic hair coloring with a bold hair do, an Ombre hair coloring technique with pastel colors for a long hair, a multi hair color contouring technique to highlight the sharp features of a personality, etc., are some of the vibrant yet sober hair coloring techniques that can be followed by a person this Pride Month to make one's tresses look pretty enough. At the end of the day, you must be with your hair after pride month too.

Do not use Hair chalks from any company. Temporary hair colors and Sprays are fun, but they are quite hazardous to the health of your hair. So, try only permanent coloring techniques from the hair brands like L'Oreal, Schwarzkopf and Wella Professionals. The hair color tubes from these companies comes with good technologies which are suitable for any kind and texture of hair. The creams come with inbuilt strengthening technologies too. And most importantly, these hair brands also provide Salon care, hair coloring treatments and Home care products too for the good maintenance of hair.

If you want to protect the hair color for a long time and to strengthen your hair post color treatment, you can opt In-salon treatments from Kerastase Fusio Dose hair color treatments and Olaplex Bond Multiplier treatment. These are the currently booming hair color treatments in India.

So, don't be nervous about hair coloring treatments and don't hesitate to portray your bold personality out there in the crowd this Pride Month. Have a Happy Pride with your Colorful Tresses and people who are planning to carry the Rainbow Mane, Kudos to you!!

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