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Queer fashion elements you must try this romantic Valentine's Day!

And they have nothing to do with your sexual orientation or gender identity because love is love and anyone can celebrate love exclusively with all the inclusions. Lines got blurred over the years and the fashion industry has evolved with utmost inclusion including unisexual, androgynous and genderqueer fashion elements for everyone to spill the message of equality and normality among all humans regardless of size, shape, structure and sexuality. So, why not celebrate this Valentine's day with all those blended fashion statements to elevate your style quotient and escalate your romantic aura around you?

Typically V-Day is all about presenting romantic gestures to our loved ones through flowers, gifts, chocolates, trips and funnily teddy bears too. But don't you think you need to present yourself as appealing and engaging enough before presenting all your efforts to your partner? Hence, you need to include a few fashion elements that make you look stylish and ready enough to enjoy a lovely delightful day. Red dominates the season of love and you can't escape from it even though you don't like the colour. But it symbolises the desire for love, the pain and pleasure of love and most importantly the flow of love. So, before anything else, be prepared to include this colour in your attire or outfit or look for the day!

Jumpsuits and Jackets:

Expertly, don't opt for typical blazers or three-piece suit looks until and unless you are getting wedded on February 14th. You don't have to look extremely formal to entice your partner like Christian Grey. Keep it simple, sassy and sensual, nevertheless. Jackets make you look cool and if you pair them with a jumpsuit, you look amazingly attractive. Plus, these fashion elements blur the lines of gender for sure as they are unisexual. Indeed, you and your partner can twin with a couple of denim jumpsuits with denim jackets, Printed bomber jackets with short dungarees, and colour block jumpsuits with heavily embroidered jackets. If you want to be a typical valentine's couple, opt for a red jumpsuit with a white jacket and seek your partner to reverse the attire by opting for a white jumpsuit with a red jacket.

Rubies, Red stones and Pearls:

Gone are the days when people used to segregate certain jewellery for the gender binary. This Valentine's Day, sport jewels with utmost sophistication by including red stones, rubies and pearls (pink & white). Nowadays, you can see even straight men are fascinated by pearls and they are pretty much nailing their looks with any kind of outfit. So why only women should have all the fun in wearing jewellery? This valentine's day, be a man enough to blur this restriction of not wearing dainty jewels. Gift rubies, sport red stones as the mark of Valentine and pearls as your style statement. Make sure you include these jewel elements in your ear, nose, neck, hand, head and leg accessories. You look posh and on point!

Glamorous Gloss or Mesmerising Matte:

Opt for either one of them and carry out your whole look depending on your preferable choices in terms of clothing, accessories, footwear and even makeup. You can't blend both and look like an odd dowdy person. On the romantic occasion of Valentine's Day and your significant valentine's date, you need to keep up with your look to match the venue or an event. If you are going out for brunch or dinner, you keep it cool by opting for matte sophisticated looks that include palettes of beige, pink and nudes. If you are going to have a fun night at a club or house party or even a sensual surprise for your partner, then keep it hot by including the gloss and glitter with the palettes of reds, gold and silver.

These looks befit your personalities and of course, it doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment with your attires this Valentine's Day, though. Keep it subtle and also sultry simultaneously. Minimalistic makeup with mattes and a Shimmery vibe with glosses should go along with your personality and the vibe around you. Make sure you don't overdo gloss looks and go dull with matte looks. And most importantly, don't hesitate in terms of trying these fashion elements. If you want, you can always look for some fashion inspiration from famous queer fashion influencers.

Hearts before anything else:

Don't hesitate to flaunt dainty hearts. They represent love, not gender or nature. Femininity has nothing to do with sporting heart symbols. Society has developed that weird stigma for restricting men to reveal their gentle side publicly. Thanks to the queer community where people don't give a damn to exhibit their masculine and feminine elements together. Hearts are genderfluid. If you embrace your fluidity, this Valentine's Day, include the symbol of hearts all over your look or at least on one statement piece of your attire. Currently, many brands are promoting their products with hearts engraved, embroidered and even printed. Go for a bracelet, neckpiece or even a watch that involves hearts in its designs. Also, you look super dashing and no one can stop you if you wear a fashionable tee with a giant heart on it, a frock with printed hearts all over, a cute heart-shaped bag or a tie with dainty heart symbols on it. Hearts symbolise your special valentine's style statement.


Another social stereotype of segregating femininity from masculinity in typical societal fashion norms is considering men as non-masculine for opting for florals. Doesn't it sound rubbish? Well, don't be ridiculous, instead be romantic. Flowers depict not only the sensitive but also the sturdy side of a person too. Floral printed outfits or floral creations on various pieces of clothing don't define a person's gender identity. That's the precise reason why non-binary people often opt for florals to exhibit their personalities, not their genders. So if you want to break the stereotype, this Valentine's day, make sure you include the fashion elements of florals in your outfit for Valentine's day.


They are cool and also genderfluid as anyone can wear them. And it is all about comfort. Heels and Boots are no more the perfect valentine's day inclusions because they already became typical in the minds of Gen Z. It is high time for you to choose comfort over confusion. Yes, heels cause utmost confusion for people because they need to check with the right hue that matches the outfit, the right type that fits the event or time of the day or venue and most importantly heels often come with heavy maintenance and cautiousness. When it comes to boots, they create a stern look and easily spill a monotonous vibe. Most men wear brogues and formal shoes, but don't you think they look way too formal for love? Footwear should create comfort and shouldn't construct the image of a professional look. So keep it casual and cool with some exclusively available sneakers in a market with various shapes, sizes, structures and even colours accordingly. You don't have to worry about tripping over your footwear at the right moment when you are about to kiss your partner if you opt for sneakers.

Hence these comprise exclusive queer fashion-inclusive elements from top to toe. Keep these in mind while planning for your Valentine's Day look. Hope you enjoy a lovely decked-up session before attending your special valentine's reservations.

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