Queer Cafe!

After a euphoric unfolding of my content creation about the Gay lifestyle scenario, my brain has packed up with mixed opinions which were mostly negative. I questioned myself whether I was too quick to judge Delhi Queer community so soon like within a couple of days. I decided to explore the possibilities. Because a sexual orientation is way more than knowing only about sex. Till then, I was totally centering about lust and sex. I drifted my path because of few consequences I faced then. So to transcribe the content I recorded in the first two days, I have headed towards my favorite mall in whole India to buy few electronic items and especially to roam around the mall.

I have spent that total evening on my laptop, creating some content. I realized that I was done with that place after roaming around twice and cherishing my nostalgic memories After constantly peeping into my screen for 4 hours, my tummy was giving me signals to fill it with some yummy food. I have googled the best gay coffee places/ bars in Delhi. The name "Q Cafe" was the first one in the results I got from search engine. My instincts told me to just restart my research with this cafe. I pondered about visiting this queer place. I booked an auto. It was easy in Metropolitan cities, though.

I have reached the place where there was a 4 floored building with a facade board mentioning "MYKONOS" with a rainbow flag as background. It was actually a Spa for Gay men specifically. I came to know that through one of those people who has pinged me in Grindr app. I was actually a little shocked. I had dialed the cafe to confirm the location and one person answered and guided me the directions. It was in the same building, but situated on the roof top. I started climbing up the stairs of the building and I found a Rainbow Color painted Wooden wall while passing by the first floor. That whole building consists of a Spa, Cafe and Guest rooms too. I was too excited before witnessing the cafe. I pushed myself through the wrong door. A French guy who has seated at the reception, told me that I had to ascend a few more stairs to reach the rooftop. I came to know that Jacob is the owner of the building. I climbed all the stairs and have finally reached the India's first Queer Cafe'. I was greeted and welcomed with a warm smile by the person who has talked to me before on call. He was Brad, a gay guy who has been working there for 3 years.

I have grabbed a chair at the left corner of the cafe and placed my bag on the other chair. I ordered for a Cappuccino and some fries. Lit up my cigarette and was enjoying the whole natural ambiance of the cafe.

Wall of Pride

It was the serene place with fresh breeze surrounded by plants and covered by a Wood framed roof. Delhi should need this kind of atmosphere to get rid of the hazardous pollution. Brad got my cappuccino. And I have asked him to tell about himself. Brad, 22 years old, was in a relationship. He was busy in sorting out a few bills. So I insisted him to check them out. Meanwhile, there were two guys around the corner, flaunting their love by hugging and pulling close to each other. One of those guys was resisting with shy. It seemed they were too comfortable in the cafe.

Coffee vibes!

I was appreciating the place by clicking few selfies and scanning the interesting aspects of the Cafe. I found few artistic hangings and paintings that portrays Gay love. I found a wall art portraying the concept of Greek Gay Gods approaching each other with Love. The other side, I found a calm and soothing Buddha idol with a waterfall background, adding the composed yet sacred vibes to the cafe. Vintage lights and scented candles escalated the image of the atmosphere even more. It was a great scene to describe a gay cafe like this. With cool pop music, the cafe was engaging the crowd to the tunes. The concept was all about enjoying nature with utmost tranquility.

The art which is portraying gay love in vintage atmosphere

People usually assume that Gay cafes are loud, Vibrant and over exaggerating the concept of Gay love. But this cafe was quite normal because people here really considered themselves as normal human beings like others and didn't spill too many unnecessary vibes.

Meanwhile, Jacob came to the cafe to grab some pancakes. He was talking to his subordinates with due respect in a very decent and appealing way. Definitely not like those Indian bosses who flaunt the power of authority. He is too good to be an owner of this cafe. No wonder he has run the cafe successfully for 17 years. I have approached him and asked him to spend a few minutes talking about the cafe. He has seated in front of me and asked about myself. After getting myself introduced to him, I asked "How he came up with such unique concept of starting a Cafe focusing on Queer community"?

I just loved clicking pictures of this cafe. Those lights were just awesome!

He has answered saying that "The idea of establishing this cafe, came out of bare necessity for a place to hangout where one could be one own self. Because there was no safe and secure place in Delhi for gay people to hang out. He took initiation to start a place where all the LGBT community people could visit and hang out peacefully. He also added that, he felt very good about himself starting this cafe. He owns this whole building in one of the most happening places in South Delhi, Saket. When I asked about his opinion on the Concept of Love, he said " It's all about sharing and caring each other for whole life no matter how many hurdles you face. It's just being together forever". He was quite welcoming, cozy and open minded person. He excused me to take a leave as he was having some work downstairs. Before leaving, he insisted me to check the Spa out which is on the second floor.

Mykonos Spa is an austere yet relaxing place. The spa has facilities like Steam bath, Dry sauna, Jacuzzi, Gym, Shower rooms, Dark rooms, relaxation room and standard lockers too. And most importantly, for people who want to try Glory holes, this place is the one for you. Delhi guys... Are you listening to me??

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