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Progressive ways to introduce your kids to the Queer culture!

The future lies in the hands of the younger generation and they must have proper clarity about every aspect of the happenings in the world to shine as a progressive person. After crossing certain age criteria, especially from the age of 6 - 13, kids remain utmost curious in learning about various cultures around when they get along with other kids. Hence, it is the right time for elders to jump in and impart the essential knowledge to elevate the understanding capabilities of kids. Queer culture contains a lot of orientations, identities and personalities which make any kid feel the urge to know about it, especially the kids who grow up in typical heteronormative society.

All kids remain the same and feel new when they get introduced to the terms and terminologies of queer culture be it kids who have opposite-sex parents or kids who have same-sex parents or be it kids who have single parents. The parenting style must change according to the transforming scenario because if you remain stubborn with the same old-school parenting, then you end up creating confusion in the minds of your blooming kids. Needless to say, introducing a kid to queer culture is a bit of a task but it isn't rocket science. All you need to do is to normalise the queer scenario from your child's perspective.

  • Never restrict yourself from telling the facts to your kid by filtering the sensual content according to their age and know when to tell what but tell something instead of remaining silent or completely ignoring, as if you have never heard your kid's question. Talking about queer culture isn't an embarrassing thing at all, because it is quite natural to let your kid perceive the existence of queer people in society including the heterosexuals out there.

  • Don't be a barrier to your kid's curiosity. Allow your kid the freedom to ask any kind of stupid question when they encounter queer people in public or when they see something related to the queer community in the media. No doubt is a small doubt. Every doubt matters and leads a person towards clarity. Be a responsible elder to your kid as it builds a rapport between you and your kid and it helps in future especially when your kid feels doubtful about anything under the sky. Be a progressive parent by allowing your kid to question you regarding queer culture.

  • Be strict enough in terms of bullying attitudes. If you allow your kid once to take a dig on other queer kids or effeminate kids or transgenders or any queer person, it becomes a habit and slowly your kid turns out to be a queerphobic and a bully altogether. If you react to such a demeaning attitude of your kids regarding the queer culture, it helps your kid to understand the reality and get along with other queer people without judging them. Don't you think your kid deserves to be an accepting citizen in the future?

  • Before teaching your kids about the queer culture, be thoroughly clear with the queer facts instead of throwing some random knowledge you have regarding the queer scenarios. Always talk about the roots first so that your kid comprehends that the queer culture befalls an already established one instead of portraying it as a mere trend. Talk about love first and how love is supposed to have no rules and regulations in terms of genders and sexualities. Yes, speaking about love is an intense thing but being an elder you should know how to talk to your kid and at the same time prepare your kid to understand various cultures around.

  • If you feel it difficult, go seek help from your queer pals who lead queer lifestyles every single day. Allow your kids to spend some time with your gay siblings, lesbian friends, same-sex couples in your circle and other queer people you know personally because it helps your kid to see the real-life queer culture. Queer people can provide deep yet filtered knowledge to your kids and surely your kid grows up to be someone who is inclusive. You don't have to think otherwise, especially when queer people are adopting and raising kids on their own in this modern era.

  • Always prefer to engage your kids in queer-friendly spaces instead of being exclusive about heteronormative surroundings. If you let your kid, experience the live queer scenes; it will boost up the curiosity levels and surely you will be flooded with tons of questions. All you need to do is to tell your kid to recognize everything as normal and everyone is normal like a fellow human being, like how your kid sees you. Imbibe the aspect of normality and inclusivity in your kids' minds so that they will appropriately explore the queer culture. You don't have to take them to typical gay parties or clubs. Take them to events where everyone is included like art workshops, shows, restaurants, malls, etc. so that they can encounter and witness queer people around, which indeed make them think that queer community is as normal as any other community in society. Exposing your kid to queer culture brings normality and inclusivity to your lifestyle scenario and it also provides your kid with the freedom to explore one's personality without facing confusion while growing up.

These progressive ways are basic, but they remain strong foundations for your kid's open-mindedness and broadened perspectives, especially towards queer culture.

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