Priorities, do matter!

A person in his daily life routine, both personally and professionally work according to his priorities; knowingly and unintentionally. If someone says that they don't act by considering their priorities, all you have to do is to strike off that ridiculous statement. Every human sort his works according to his priorities and it is nature. Unfortunately, these priorities play a major role in the relationship between two persons. Regardless of what kind of relationships, two people are into, priorities always make them choose the topmost one, be it a professional work or a personal bond. It all depends on our priorities. These are not just choices, these are beyond choices, these are sometimes emotional preferences. If you think that priorities don't matter in any relationship, then you prioritized yourself to not to involve the priorities in your so-called relationship, which is indeed a priority. Don't you agree with that?

In the emotion of love and relationship bonds, these priorities always form ripples in a relationship. They either make a person understand or else break a person's thought process. These are dangerous and put people in a dilemma mode, which leads to question themselves and others and most importantly, the relationship of theirs with others. Yeah, it is confusing. Because, priorities, most of the time, drop a person in the utmost confusion. If you don't get clarity out of it, you will be messed up in both a good and bad way. Are you wondering how?

Love; this feeling can make a person act in various ways. Empowering, overpowering, over-protective, possessive, aggressive, ignorant, insecure, understanding, trustworthy and many more with too many mixed emotions. In any person's life, there comes a moment where a person has to choose between the topmost priorities: most commonly, between Love and Career. This happens in many of our lives, but all our lives become different depending on the priority we commit to. And