Priorities, do matter!

A person in his daily life routine, both personally and professionally work according to his priorities; knowingly and unintentionally. If someone says that they don't act by considering their priorities, all you have to do is to strike off that ridiculous statement. Every human sort his works according to his priorities and it is nature. Unfortunately, these priorities play a major role in the relationship between two persons. Regardless of what kind of relationships, two people are into, priorities always make them choose the topmost one, be it a professional work or a personal bond. It all depends on our priorities. These are not just choices, these are beyond choices, these are sometimes emotional preferences. If you think that priorities don't matter in any relationship, then you prioritized yourself to not to involve the priorities in your so-called relationship, which is indeed a priority. Don't you agree with that?

In the emotion of love and relationship bonds, these priorities always form ripples in a relationship. They either make a person understand or else break a person's thought process. These are dangerous and put people in a dilemma mode, which leads to question themselves and others and most importantly, the relationship of theirs with others. Yeah, it is confusing. Because, priorities, most of the time, drop a person in the utmost confusion. If you don't get clarity out of it, you will be messed up in both a good and bad way. Are you wondering how?

Love; this feeling can make a person act in various ways. Empowering, overpowering, over-protective, possessive, aggressive, ignorant, insecure, understanding, trustworthy and many more with too many mixed emotions. In any person's life, there comes a moment where a person has to choose between the topmost priorities: most commonly, between Love and Career. This happens in many of our lives, but all our lives become different depending on the priority we commit to. And, losing one thing to gain another thing is a basic principle when it comes to priorities. No matter how rich you are, no matter how emotional you are, choosing one priority over others always make you crave for the one which you do not choose, which takes a lot of time to heal.

This is why some people become millionaires and lead a life alone by spending every moment in guilt and sadness for losing the person they love. And some people stay happily with their loved ones, but forced to satisfy their career roles. It's all in the game, between fame and feelings. This is a very big issue because it is choosing between two topmost priorities. Either of those priorities will surely make you end up being satisfied with the decision you have taken in the past.

Here come the everyday relationship priorities. How many of us prioritize our loved ones over our work commitments and other pleasures? Hardly, people give a damn about their loved ones, especially after getting committed to them in the form of love, relationship, and marriage. We, humans, are weird, till we get the person we like, lust or love, we prioritize that particular person over anything else, our parents, our studies, our job, whatever that comes in between us and the person we love.

The question is, has the scenario been the same, after a few days of getting into love, relationship or marriage. You will be shocked if the statistics mention that most of the breakups happen because of the bad prioritizing moments in a relationship. Because, once we get what we crave for, we stop giving attention to that precious thing, we just use it and keep it by thinking that we are loving it. Sadly, this is the same with an object and also with a person.

The people who know how to prioritize their loved ones over their other commitments and pleasures by managing and dealing with perfect balance are the ones who go further ahead in a relationship by fighting with too many survival instincts and egos. It is truly accepted that a person, especially, people who are workaholics and love to earn more money to secure their loved ones, always prioritize their work commitments over their partners. And if happens all the time, there are many chances for a person to lose his/her loved ones.

It's the same with people who are in love with those people who prioritize other commitments over them. Take a deep breath and replay all the moments you have spent with your partner. A rethink about those moments where your partner has ditched his friends, his work schedules, his health, his wealth and also his family to just stay with you by treating you as his main priority, helps you. Now, don't you feel so, that it is your minimum responsibility to understand his/her commitments which excel your life too? Sometimes, a few situations do not let a person choose his/her loved ones due to their future consequences and it is always good to not prioritize your loved ones when your instincts say something bad is going to happen with your life and with your bond. Hence, understanding is the only key, if you feel your partner is not prioritizing you, but at the same time, if this happens too frequently, you must raise your voice and communicate to conclude with clarity out of confusion.

Priorities have the power to strengthen and weaken a bond between a couple. So, always try to balance your loved one and your other priorities in a way, where your relationship should never get affected. So, never underestimate priorities, they do matter!