POSH - the corporate council for Safety!

Some abbreviations sound fancy, but the concept behind them is way deeper than the outlook. One among those abbreviations is POSH. This particular one came into existence in the year 2013, which has mostly implemented in all the companies and corporate sector. This is designed especially for the safety of women at work place. Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, the corporate sector came up with this empowering council called POSH- Prevention of Sexual Harassment.

The origin of this thought popped up when a few strong female voices have raised against all odds. The birth of POSH has happened years ago, but still there are many women out there who don't even have an idea about it and those women who knew about the committee, aren't confident enough to come out and speak about their daily harassment at their workplace. The corporate sector is the one workplace for 60% of women in India. It's a proud fact that our women are stepping out to work in the corporate sector in big MNC's inflexible work hours. But the dark facts that are hidden behind their courage to work with such companies with annoying people around who behave inappropriately must be discussed.

The POSH committee is mostly running in every multinational company and many other corporate buildings like hospitals, financial houses, call centers, banks and many more. Both men and women are in charge of these committees in any company. Human resources must take care of this committee because, at the end of the day, it's the company's responsibility to take care of the safety of their female recruiters. There are many ways a woman can be sexually harassed by her fellow employees, especially men. Sometimes, intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. Sexual harassment can be faced in many ways by a woman. It can be inappropriate behavior patterns like touching, molesting, throwing double meaning phrases, passing bad intentions verbally, constant staring, unnecessary involvement, controlling the work flexibility, degrading the female power, etc. So, when someone states that sexual harassment is only about physical molesting, then that person is surely wrong.

Sexual harassment can be physical, mental and emotional. And the POSH committee is not only limited to the workplace. All the outside inappropriate activities also can be taken into consideration if a female employee faces any kind of harassment from a fellow employee of the same company or any company. Indeed, POSH has spread all over the corporate sector of India. Due to the restricted environment at the workplace, all the sexual molesters have paced down their desperate desires, but they came with new procedures of sexual harassment. Unnecessary flirting, emotional blackmailing, acting as cool bosses or teammates are the new things which are booming up these days.

Some women could stand up against those silly trails of these desperate men in the workplace. But some are maintaining silence and suppressing all their emotional pain behind their smiles to uplift themselves in the workplace. Most of the women, try to ignore these people, for the sake of appraisals, for the sake of unnecessary drama at the workplace, for the sake of fellow misunderstanding females and especially for the sake of the employment status of the person who harasses them. Because, if a woman files a complaint against an employee regarding any kind of sexual harassment, that particular can be easily terminated under the terms of a company's work behavior policy.

But that's where these women are making mistakes. A woman's feelings are always more sensitive than a man. Hence, that's becoming quite an advantageous fact for these men who behave weirdly with their fellow female employees. Some men are good, but their fake cool personalities make them behave wrongly with women in the workplace just to prove that they fit the shoes of this so-called "Cool society". Women have to speak up against these men at least personally.

If a person behaves in a wrong way, or if you feel that your co-employee or your teammate or your boss behaves intentionally or unintentionally in a wrong way, please express your emotions and feelings in a warning tone. Speak up against that person. At least give a try talking to them personally and express how you feel. If that person denies and acts, in the same way, the next morning, you must approach POSH. Because the committee is made for you. For your safety and your peaceful mindset in your workplace. Safety at your workplace is your basic right to work happily.

And this is not only restricted to women against men. Some women harass men sexually at the workplace and some women harass their other fellow female employees out of jealousy, grudges, and improvements in work. There can be many reasons mentioned and unmentioned, for a person to get sexually harassed by another person. The workplace is the place, where a person spends his/her most of the time in a day and if that place, makes a person uncomfortable, then that particular person must speak against it. Your honor, self-respect, and safety are more important than your appraisals, health, name, and fame. If someone lacks the confidence to speak up, stand for them and speak on behalf of them.