POSH - the corporate council for Safety!

Some abbreviations sound fancy, but the concept behind them is way deeper than the outlook. One among those abbreviations is POSH. This particular one came into existence in the year 2013, which has mostly implemented in all the companies and corporate sector. This is designed especially for the safety of women at work place. Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, the corporate sector came up with this empowering council called POSH- Prevention of Sexual Harassment.

The origin of this thought popped up when a few strong female voices have raised against all odds. The birth of POSH has happened years ago, but still there are many women out there who don't even have an idea about it and those women who knew about the committee, aren't confident enough to come out and speak about their daily harassment at their workplace. The corporate sector is the one workplace for 60% of women in India. It's a proud fact that our women are stepping out to work in the corporate sector in big MNC's inflexible work hours. But the dark facts that are hidden behind their courage to work with such companies with annoying people around who behave inappropriately must be discussed.