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Playing the victim card in Love...

Love is an inexplicable emotion, but for some, it's a game of emotions that includes too many divergent and fluctuated feelings. If a person considers this sacred emotional love as a game of gaining something and becomes profitable out of it in any context with a trade of all emotions, then it's truly not a pristine form of love. Love is being selfless and that one emotion without any expectations. Only a few of them can understand and relate to the intense form of it because only a few of us can be able to tackle love as love and not as a business.

Sorry for degrading the current dating scenario and seriously, no offense that, the concept of love got diluted to the business trade. You love me first and then I think about it and I may love you, this is the present scene of Love. Don't you think that it's a connection that to be made and not a compromise or get convinced for a person's proposal? The millennial dating scene is totally in the air like the plague, focused on swiping left and right. There is no wrong with it though, at the end of the day, people should change according to the era right! But it is wrong when you do business on these emotions.

Attaining love is easy, but acquiring a pure love is the most difficult task and it needs ages to understand it and also sometimes can be understood within a fraction of seconds (love at first sight - those who believe). The materialistic and bodily pleasures are dominating the spirit of connection of love in people. Hence, many of us are focusing on the trade of emotions than feeling them no matter what. The fun part even falls in love truly has also gotten treated as toxic which is not at all. If you find someone who loves you selflessly, try to be with them though you have to face too many hurdles, because they are worthy enough and it's hard to find people like them again in your life. Sometimes, a prostitute's love is purer than the love of a holy person, because the chastity of love depends on the feelings and not bodily appearances.

Let's talk about the people who are materialistic and see love as a business. So, these are the people most fail in love no matter how strongly they build the foundation with fake attitudes and sweet lies. They appear stronger in society, but in the long run, they collapse badly. And this is the time, all those love traders use the so-called "Victim card" to revive what they had in the past in a relationship. Somehow, their fake love building crashed after their partners get to know the reality of a person and the love they have been faking since day one. But these love traders, can't accept the reality and can't let a person go like that without being profited because they still see the love they share as a business. The feelings are their investments and they expect to get profitable in body or materialistic pleasures. This is why a few of your dating partner won't let you go and keep on nagging about the breakups, you had and try to overpower you by tackling you with the sacred emotion called Love in the most depressing way. But, till when can a person play a victim card? Surely not for life. Because fake emotions can be taken away like a swan separates water from milk.

The feeling of love is powerful and it can't let a person fake about it no matter how strong the person's personality could be and no matter how hard he/she dedicates herself to fake the emotion. It's quite difficult. That is why we see many filthy breakups around us after people come to know the reality of love. Always keep this in your mind, if a person goes away from your life without complaining and blaming and forcing you, even though you give ridiculous reasons and accept the fate of love as it is, then yeah, it's high time to realize the real love in his/her real eyes for you. If not, you always end up with people who play the victim card in love and make you a victim of their love.

Yes, it works like that, even though you become a victim of your partner's fake love, he/she uses the victim card on you to portray themselves as victims for the relationship you share. You would end up with no option left than dealing it with as it is. Hence, always be sure about your emotions and your partner's emotions in you. There is no wrong in checking your feelings for a person to make sure whether you are investing your time, energy and importantly emotions in the right person or not. And to the people who always have the propaganda of faking emotions just to get profited in every possible way, your evil thoughts always fail badly in front of the sacred emotion of love.

And most importantly, answer this question to yourself, "Does, playing the victim card in love serves the purpose of getting you back with your partner and lead the same love life you had?", if you think that the answer is yes, then you fall in a pit of fake love and it would be the time for you to become a real victim of the fake love of your so-called partner. Think about it and also think in the proper way of reaching the destination of love, only to experience selfless emotions, not wealth and status.

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