Pink Lifestyle...

And that's fucking controversial..! Especially in Indian society, that's quite judgmental too. Of course the norms have changed regarding the color segregation, only for celebrities and on the fashion walks. The lifestyle when you opt pink is way too different from the lifestyle without pink in your life or on your body. Talking about men who love Pink, regardless the sexual orientation.

Fashion has no size, no color and no differences in any aspect. But fashion in terms of Pink has too many factors included mostly irrelevant and useless though. This positive color of Love has always lacked lovely emotion and indeed leave people in pain, especially for the men who opt it. Because the society has already segmented this color Pink to the little girls and to describe sugar and spice. People started judging others if someone wears pink, as if it has written in constitution that men shouldn't opt pink colored clothes.

Why it is a big deal if a guy steps out of a car in Pink suit? Why it is a sin if a guy runs on treadmill in pink shoes? Why the parents act so weird if a boy child asks for pink balloons? Why can't a teenage boy think twice before buying something in Pink? Well, in that case, my Fluffy Pink Pouch had literally dragged people's attention towards me too many times. That was my favorite pouch till date and I bought it in my 12th standard. I was 17 and I was bullied for carrying that pouch. It was just a pretty pouch which has good capacity to store a good amount of stationery and it costed me more than my examination fees. I didn't give up and I used it all the year and I still have it with me. Because I have a habit of securing expensive things, yes, it is quite expensive and matters the most than people's stupidity and ignorant minds.