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Perks of having the Power to Reject!

Rejection is one hardest thing to practice, process and to face indeed. You would be wrong if you thing being rejected is the only painful thing to experience. Rejecting others also feel the same, but in a different way, like a guilty pleasure! Yes, deep down, there is a little pain is hidden behind every rejection a person make or face. But, this negative impact, if used properly, can become a huge power to get whatever we want at the end of the day.

A person can face rejections in various ways, financially, physically, mentally, emotionally. Keeping apart all those rejections you face in your job interviews while shaping up your career and the rejections you face from your family members regarding your lifestyle choices, the rejections one face in one's dating life, matters the most than anything else. Because, we humans get easily hurt facing rejections or rejecting others in romantic relationships. But one thing you must keep in mind, regardless of the looks, traits, money, name and fame, every person get rejected or get a chance to reject others at least once in a lifetime. So, you don't have to take these silly rejections seriously, instead you must enjoy the power behind those rejections.

  • Who said a man should never reject and a woman can never get rejected? Gone are the days where people used to process the dating scenario in one way mode. In this feminist era, don't you think that girls must handle the rejections maturely instead of blaming or complaining the masculinity. Come on, there is no rule that femininity can never be rejected. It's not only with girls, it's with people who are gracious, beautiful and sensitive minded ones. Be hard enough to handle the rejections because you are not just the material meant for only one person, it's just you might not be the one for one whom you chose. Simple!

  • And then comes the people who loves to reject no matter what, no matter who, no matter why and no matter how. They just enjoy the rejection mode. It's not that they feel proud of rejecting others. These people are choosy enough to allow anyone to approach them. The power they feel is tremendous because that keeps them energized, appealing and charming. It sounds weird, tough and annoying too. But, yes, some people love to reject others but they surely can come up with a reason behind it.

  • But again, if you are a person who loves rejecting meaninglessly, you must be either mentally screwed up or must be planning your path to walk all alone whole life. Fortunately, these people convert that power of rejecting others in building their personalities stronger and independently tough to crack.

  • And some reject others in the expectation of chivalry, getting convinced by people who approach them or simply to get more attention than before. These kind of rejections are temporary and mostly seen in complicated and committed relationships. Who doesn't love when one's partner kneels down to reconsider the romantic rejection? This is how some people can transform rejections into romanticism.

  • Rejections are powerful only when you express them clearly, if not things get messed up very easily. If you have an opinion of disliking someone and want to reject, do it in a straightforward way rather than indirectly signalling them your rejection moods. A lot of misunderstandings may arise if there is a miscommunication involved in the rejection. So, why beating around bushes. Reject on face and enjoy the hassle-free dating life. This is how many people who reject others or who accept rejections directly leads their dating life with a ray of hope.

  • Many movies have portrayed the message of upliftment of one's personality out of rejections, but this happens only when a person considers those rejections positively. There is a power behind every rejection you face and every rejection you make. If you take rejections in your dating life in a positive way, you start work on yourself, be it in looks, career, or building an interesting personality. This surely helps a person to know one's self. You don't have to change forcefully but if you think a change can make your dating life interesting, then you can try for it. Either of the decisions can be taken, only if you process them properly.

  • Likewise, if you reject too many people in your life, you don't have to consider yourself as some psychopath or a weird person or someone who is fussy about everything. Calm down a bit and sort out your preferences, likes and dislikes in considering a person as your dating partner. This gives a person, a clear perspective one's dating life scenario. If your rejections make you feel clear and happy, then you must continue to reject people. There's no wrong in it.

  • But the main problem is, people gets drifted away while enjoying these perks when they reject others. If you reject people continuously, you get habituated to it and you may miss the real person out there by rejecting him/her out of your habit and addiction of rejecting people. Hence, always make sure to analyze and scrutinize a person properly before rejecting him/her.

  • And the same applies to the people who gets continuously rejected by others. They feel demotivated, depressed and degraded with the insult vibes of rejections. This may make a person mentally sick, rigid and restricted. Do not let that happen to you. Do not let someone's rejection over power you. Face it and take it as a sport. Play it tactfully. Improve yourself or become a stronger person than before. Have a faith in yourself and trust in love. Keep calm a bit or take a break, but do not stop approaching or proposing people. Who knows, you may bump into a right person and your dating life may take a huge U-turn.

Feel the power in rejections. Have the power to reject. It is hard to say "NO", but if you feel it right, then do not hesitate to say No. It is not easy to reject others. It takes initiation, courage and boldness to say no to people whom we don't get or dislike or can't understand. Your rejections make your choices clear. Aim to the clear paths, by getting rid of unnecessary obstacles in life. This is the important perk of having the power to reject!

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