Perks of having the freedom to choose...

Many revolutionary activities have taken place in the world's history to attain freedom. On a larger basis, this word made many nations crumble, struggle and evolve at the end. Anyway, that's all history now. But, people are still fighting, struggling, revolting for their freedom to choose, especially in love. This freedom of choice in love acts differently for different people. For suppose, the love norms in society have laid in such a way that a girl cannot have the freedom to choose and a boy can happily choose whomever he wants and also can leave whenever he feels like leaving. Doesn't it sound utterly ridiculous to you? Thanks to modernity, that the dating scenario has changed, but not totally. Many think that having a lot of freedom to choose, can make a person dilute one's self ethics and face societal judgments. But, this is so untrue and unfair too.

  • You can always have a fair share of initiating something in your life if you have the freedom to choose. Freedom gives that boldness and energy to come up with trying new things in life, be it a fashionable dress or else a simple software guy. Yes, if you are fed up with dating one particular tribe of people, you can always be open up to try some different tribe next time, but this happens only if you believe in your freedom of choice.

  • They say, girls look desperate if they propose to a guy and similarly in the homosexual world, always the passive person expects the active person to propose ( clearly saying gay bottoms expect gay tops to propose and do things for them). But why this has to be followed every time. If you have the freedom to choose, you don't give a damn to what others think. You just go ahead and put your true selves out there.

  • And never feel bad about being desperate, because sometimes it helps to get whatever we want. And being desperate out of love or lust with a clear perspective of your choice, always make you feel different and good about yourself. So, try having that freedom to choose.

  • You can only spice up your dating life if you take risks and attempt something new every single time to refresh your relationship and not to make it monotonously boring. And this happens only when a couple has the freedom to choose whatever they want to survive their relationship and take it further for strong commitments.

  • Similarly, it is with singles too. If you have faith in your choices you make and you believe in having the freedom to choose to be single for some time without getting distracted in the aspect of love, it is fine. Because, at the end of the day, you would be enjoying your choice which is made out of your freedom. You never feel lonely or sad or get into these filmy single situational songs, if you appreciate your freedom of choice. If you choose to be single, you must be happy to be single.

  • And the same applies to take breaks in relationships too. It seems over modernity or a stupid trend of love, but for some these breaks play a vital role in shaping their relationships. If you choose to take a break in a relationship with your partner, you don't have to listen to people's tantrums and taunts and give a second thought of your opinions.

  • If you think you have the freedom to choose to stay with a person, never hesitate to apply the same freedom to choose to stay away from a person. Because this improves your mental health. If you do something against your will, the consequences may become worse than the situations you face. Hence, having the freedom to choose to be or not to be with any person in this world, always uplift your personality. Never think that it may degrade you.

  • And most importantly, you can run your life on your terms regardless of the outcomes of your choices. You start seeing life in wider terms. Sometimes, you may get rejected or sometimes you may be overwhelmed with the response, but whatever it is, you still have to treat it as your freedom of choice. Hence, it balances your emotions and makes you appreciate either of the extremes.

  • Why do you have to wait for someone's move when you can perfectly nail what you think when you have the freedom to choose to do what you want? This may confuse you, but it only clears your mind if you are a freedom-lover and love to choose what do you want to do. Because waiting makes you impatient, instead you could go ahead and make a choice and face the consequences, whatever they might be.