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Perks of being a Queer Lifestyle Blogger!

Being queer isn't a trend, it isn't a phase or isn't a choice, it is indeed an inexplicable emotion and an everyday feeling. In the dominated world of heterosexuals, queer people have blossomed like lotuses out of the mud. It takes a lot of inner struggle for a lotus bud to bloom like a flower amidst the huge leaves, moist environment, and sticky mud but it still looks beautiful and stands out as if it hasn't seen any struggle during the process of blossoming. That's how every single queer person emerges and evolves out of one's demeaning and degrading struggles to be oneself ultimately. And it doesn't mean that a queer person's lifestyle must be tragic, saddening, and suppressing. It's indeed more fun, cheerful and joyful because the happiness and satisfaction a person attain right after one's severe struggles is an irreplaceable feeling. That's the very reason why being gay means being happy!

Depicting various life situations and portraying different life stories of the queer community through words and picturizing them through numerous kinds of media is a blessed opportunity for any blogger which makes a person, a queer lifestyle blogger. Being a queer person and representing the whole queer community including gays, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals, pansexuals, intersexuals, asexuals, many other queer orientations and gender identities, is not a simple thing. Every word matters because there will be at least one person in this world whose future, principles, mindset, lifestyle can be changed through the information, a queer blogger drafts.

Unlike the previous eras where queer people used to feel discriminated against, judged, oppressed, and criminalized, the scenarios got drastically changed in the current era. Now the queer community is visible everywhere in every field and every stream. Queer people are ruling and nailing every occupation. But on the contrary, many people still feel stuck up, confused, afraid, and unacknowledged. This is due to various restrictions in various countries, different cultural and traditional regulations, countless regional and religious oppressions, several objections at the workplace, many barriers in families, and innumerable reasons to suppress a queer person just to fit in this senseless society with the typical societal norms. Of course, a queer lifestyle blogger cannot stop all this but he/she/they can work for change towards love, peace, and harmony. That's where the spirit of a queer blogger lies.

  • There are tons of topics to cover. One can spill thoughts about love, dating, romance, breakups, sex, fashion, lifestyle, glamour, struggles, problems, and many more. Strictly speaking, every queer person's life is interestingly weird and hence a queer blogger will never run out of topics to draft.

  • Being constantly linked up with various queer stories, queer personalities, and queer laws make a queer blogger fully piled up with knowledge, and writing about them makes a person feel about a particular topic and it gets imbibed forever. Don't you think that's how knowledge must be acquired?

  • At the same time, conducting various surveys and taking too many interviews of queer people, make a queer blogger completely involved with the inside out of the queer community. It sometimes makes a person get nearer to the community but at times, it takes a toll on a queer blogger, especially while encountering a few deeply saddening stories of queer people. There's nevertheless a perk in it too and that's the fun of being regularly empowered.

  • When an article or a blog gets published on the internet worldwide, there are high chances of people noticing it from every nook and corner of the globe. It escalates the exposure, and it also makes a queer blogger get various kinds of feedback from people belonging to various countries and continents. Needless to say, the ratio of appreciation and criticism is practically equal.

  • It increases mental strength, verbal stability, thinking capability, creative abilities in a queer blogger if one publishes a blog by keeping queer people from all over the world in mind so that every queer person can feel related and connected, especially with the content of love and relationships.

  • It gives utmost happiness when a random queer person likes and comment on a blog post that a queer blogger spends hours to draft and it also gives a tinge of pain when some senseless homophobic start throwing judgmental criticism publicly to demean the work of a queer person. Both equally give the energy for a queer blogger to draft a more influential and bolder blog the next day because the development remains constant, only if there is consistency without getting affected by the praises and trolls.

  • Drafting a blog is like speaking one's heart out regarding a particular topic, or a particular set of people, or a particular situation. The best part is everything is different, as there are a lot of sexual orientations included under the roof of the term "Queer" because no two orientations work the same way and no two gender identities can be merged. It specifies that queer bloggers surely have too much content to create and also makes sure that every blog must feel connected to the queer person or a queer niche, the blogger focuses on.

  • A queer blogger can establish endless connections with many people without even knowing them personally. Every so often, a closeted and discreet queer person may read a blog sitting in the corner of a bed to feel motivated, inspired, and knowledgeable. Don't you think influencing a stranger's opinion towards one's upliftment is a worthy deed after all?

  • Queer lifestyle blogging represents one kind of activism. Even though it's passive, back end, and behind the screen, words can mend minds and bring change in ignorant people. Words have the power to heal a person, destroy a meaningless thought, develop a perception, broaden awareness, encourage empowerment, and eradicate judgmental criticism. Queer bloggers are indeed queer activists who work for change.

  • The most important perk of being a queer lifestyle blogger is acquiring the utmost satisfaction. For some people it may be work, a few earn money out of those blogs, some people write blogs as a hobby, some for the name and fame, a few draft blogs to elevate their writing skills, but being a queer blogger who writes to spread knowledge out of numerous experiences so that other queer people get the right and proper information to transform their lives, lifestyles and life choices, gives the extreme pride and happiness.


Thanks to all my readers, visitors, and viewers. Three years back when I drafted my first blog, I never thought I would be consistent enough to continue my writings but here I published my 500th blog and you just read it. You have been the best audience. Stay Queer and spread Love.

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