Perks of being a Queer Lifestyle Blogger!

Being queer isn't a trend, it isn't a phase or isn't a choice, it is indeed an inexplicable emotion and an everyday feeling. In the dominated world of heterosexuals, queer people have blossomed like lotuses out of the mud. It takes a lot of inner struggle for a lotus bud to bloom like a flower amidst the huge leaves, moist environment, and sticky mud but it still looks beautiful and stands out as if it hasn't seen any struggle during the process of blossoming. That's how every single queer person emerges and evolves out of one's demeaning and degrading struggles to be oneself ultimately. And it doesn't mean that a queer person's lifestyle must be tragic, saddening, and suppressing. It's indeed more fun, cheerful and joyful because the happiness and satisfaction a person attain right after one's severe struggles is an irreplaceable feeling. That's the very reason why being gay means being happy!

Depicting various life situations and portraying different life stories of the queer community through words and picturizing them through numerous kinds of media is a blessed opportunity for any blogger which makes a person, a queer lifestyle blogger. Being a queer person and representing the whole queer community including gays, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals, pansexuals, intersexuals, asexuals, many other queer orientations and gender identities, is not a simple thing. Every word matters because there will be at least one person in this world whose future, principles, mindset, lifestyle can be changed through the information, a queer blogger drafts.