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Patterns that delay your moving-on phase!

By rupturing your feelings and emotions, a few patterns after your breakup surely act as barriers to letting you move ahead in your life. No matter how much you regulate yourself to come out of that depressing stage of your romantic life with heartbreak, your misguiding norms never allow you to heal. No one likes to feel sad purposely but after a certain point, people who deeply fall into the pit of sadness, unknowingly create havoc by following patterns that consistently remind them of their partners, loved ones and loneliness respectively. To get out of those patterns, a person must realize their existence in one's daily life, especially after breaking a romantic bond with one's ex-partner.

  • The pattern of rising unnecessary hopes in the expectation of your partner's comeback in your romantic life even after knowing that nothing can be done anymore.

  • The pattern of constantly following up on one's partner's presence personally and virtually.

  • The pattern of trying desperately to patch the fragile cracks of your relationship especially when your partner shows complete disinterest in rebuilding the bond.

  • The pattern of comparing yourself with the broken bonds around you.

  • The pattern of getting influenced by other people's heartbreaks and their tragic ends.

  • The pattern of neglecting one's physical and mental health by investing energies and efforts in thinking about one's partner's health status.

  • The pattern of not allowing others to heal you.

  • The pattern of rejecting personal help, psychological support and mental aid when you know that you are at the edge of losing yourself.

  • The pattern of being unfocused on things that you are supposed to focus on and prioritise.

  • The pattern of talking about your heartbreak regularly with others only to get back to the story of how it has all ended.

  • The pattern of getting entertained through teary tales, painful music, sorrowful stories and disappointing situations.

  • The pattern of being intoxicated regularly with alcohol, smoking and substance abuse.

  • The pattern of building anger just to abandon the love you formerly had.

  • The pattern of blaming yourself for the regret and guilt, you never need to carry.

  • The pattern of pushing blame on helpless people around you, hopeless situations in your life and worthless surroundings in the act of reducing your regret or guilt.

  • The pattern of procrastinating the change even after knowing the urgency of it in your life.

  • The pattern of renouncing things midway after trying to cope.

  • The pattern of denying new changes, new people and new situations because of your habitual regimes that give comforting desolation.

  • The pattern of causing self-despair by inflicting physical pain on yourself to disregard the emotional attachment.

  • The pattern of thinking to damage your loved one's identity out of rage.

  • The pattern of assuming that you miss your ex-partner even though you really don't miss as much as you did during the initial stage of your breakup.

  • The pattern of demeaning the value of love gradually in your mind and appreciating loneliness.

  • The pattern of trying to contact your ex-partner even though you know that will ultimately be gravely wrong for both of you.

  • The pattern of not trying to connect with the people who cherish you the dearest like family and well-wishers.

  • The pattern of scrolling your memories by expecting a miracle to happen out of nowhere.

  • The pattern of not allowing yourself to stay calm and search for serenity and peace.

  • The pattern of always going back to that one moment that created the void in your relationship.

  • The pattern of degrading yourself by stooping down to someone you never like to be.

  • The pattern of losing faith in delightful things around you thinking that nothing can uplift your moods.

  • The pattern of ruminating about your breakup again and again in your brain till it hurts you and fills your eyes with tears, just to pamper your heartbreak with sorrow.

  • The pattern of rushing yourself more than your capacities in the hope of moving on fast.

  • The pattern of complaining on every sole thing that indeed delivers you comfort so that you nurture your brain to delay the change.

  • The pattern of loving your numbness that got created in your breakup phase without stepping out of it to see the brightness of the moving-on stage.

  • The pattern of never wanting to move ahead and keep expecting things to go back to normality even though it is impossible from both sides.

  • The pattern of hating your ex-partner who moved on in one's romantic life while you are still stuck up in your breakup phase.

All these patterns delay your progress of perceiving new changes in your life, moving on in your romantic life by embracing new people and most importantly your personal growth of being a sane human who is capable of handling things the way they are and accepting life the way it is. So if you are that person whose patterns reflect the above-mentioned ones, then you need to scrutinise yourself and act accordingly for the betterment.

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