Over and Under....

Breakups! The situations which make us crazily mad and disturbingly annoying and fiercely assholes indeed. Yeah, that's the fact and these are just the side effects of unknowing sadness which rule our minds like an invasion. Well, breakups are mostly come under the roof of bad decisions and the funny part is people want to get rid of those bad decisions by taking even more bad decisions like committing suicide, stalking the ex partners, behaving like psychos and getting into unlimited meaningless sex. Yes, you are going to read about the last thing.

"To get over someone, you must get under someone else", do you accept with the phrase? Isn't it quite enticing and appealing enough to elevate the horny moods of a person. Sex is a stress reliever and sex can also make people cope up with the situations. Agreed. Isn't it a little weird to connect breakup and sex together by interlinking with each other. In some cases, Sex can be the reason behind the breakups and it's strange that Sex itself helps a person to move on. Amazing right!

These two prepositions that are mentioned in the title can work differently in the breakup situations. They make magic without any logic. Fuck, Sex doesn't need any logic, it just needs two people with utmost lust. Over and Under. People always give suggestions and shitty piece of advices to someone who just break the romantic relationships. They simply say to get over the person they loved like crazy. Yes, it's simple to say, but it's fucking difficult in practice. Hence, all the breakup couples choose the easiest way to rebound themselves or to move on from their ex partners, which is Sex.

Yes, to get over someone emotionally, people choosing to get under someone or anyone who can physically love them for a while till the end of an orgasm. Are we serious? Meaningless sex is a sign of loneliness. If we think, that sex can make us happier and satisfied, then it's temporary for sure. Isn't it idiotic that to remove the lovely memories permanently, people choosing temporary modes of happiness? Indeed, that's not happiness. We are sad and we need sex. Remember, sex is a stress reliever. Look, we need pain killer only when we have pain. So next time, don't say that you are moving on happily by sleeping with hell lot of people you find on these silly dating a.k.a hooking apps. We are sad indeed and we are making ridiculous mistakes even more right after the breakups by choosing sex as a mode of happiness.

If you are really happy after the breakup, you would focus on yourself and your single life to make it happier. And if you are sad after the breakup, you would either analyze the situations by focusing on upgrading your current version or you just try to get back with the person who left you by communicating properly. Both the happy and sad versions of you, doesn't include the word called "Sex".

You only get under someone, if you had a bad sex life with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. Because, having endless sex clearly shows that you are a sex addict or you are just exploring way too much than needed. Accept it that you are a sex freak but don't mention the breakup as a reason for having meaningless intercourse with known and unknown people. Why do you have to physically try to get over someone when you are fucked up emotionally because of the breakup?

Don't search happiness under blankets or under someone else's body, because that may degrade you to a lower level in viewing life in a positive way. You start disrespecting people, you start behaving emotionless, you stop caring your well wishers, you start ignoring yourself and your deeds, you start living in a shell which is toxic enough, you start loosing your own flavor and finally you become someone who is surely not YOU.

Sometimes, some phrases look fascinating and attracts you easily. But, those are also the same phrases which can take you away from yourself. Go with your instincts and think with your own mind without allowing the influences of others. Scrutinize the whole breakup situations and look into the pros and cons of your current situation. If you feel you are wrong, accept it and try to get back to your love. If you feel you are right, stick with that decision and happily search for someone who deserves you and whom you deserve. Simple. We humans make things complicated by adding unnecessary prepositions in our happy phrases. Getting over someone has nothing to do with getting under someone else in the form of sex.