Organic Masturbation- to who penetrates!

People appreciate sex in many ways. Some love Oral sex and some love Anal sex. The concept of Penetration pops up only in anal sex or vaginal sex. It's all about penetrating a penis in a butt hole (gay bottoms) or a vagina (women). But there is another type of penetration too. It's penetrating through fingers. Yes, many people like fingering into the warm holes of their partners, to feel the tightness, thrust and to explore the deeper parts of the genitals. Many men and lesbian love fingering their partners in sex and that's how their sexual pleasures fulfill.

So, straight men, Gay tops and Lesbians, love both ways of penetration. One through their genitals and one through their fingers. Hence, the organic masturbation practices for people who penetrate also comes in two ways. As we have discussed earlier in the previous blog about the importance of Organic masturbation for the people who get penetrated, the health and sexual benefits are also the same for the people who penetrate. It's all about seeing human genitals in the shapes and sizes of vegetables and fruits organically.

Surprisingly, vegetables play a prominent role in representing dicks which are helpful for people who get penetrated (Gay bottoms and women) and Fruits play a prominent role in representing butts and vaginas which are helpful for people who penetrate. For both ways of embracing the penetrable sexual fantasies, fruits like Oranges, Peaches, Avocados, Watermelons, Muskmelons, Papayas act as sexual partners for organic masturbation practices. Yes, it sounds weird and annoying but when someone wants to masturbate organically, these fruits act an as wide variety of options.

Oranges, we have seen in many movies, where the characters creepily play with them and some Hollywood movies, these fruits were used for blow job fantasies. Oranges can be used in both penetration and fingering. Take a big citrus orange or sweet lime, cut the central part of the orange in a way to make a hole. Insert your penis inside it to feel the warmth of a butt hole or a vagina. The citrus values in oranges may make you feel itchy initially, but they clean the whole penis when you make to and fro motions with the fruit. Genital infections can be cured. And people who love fingering can place the fingers on already peeled and halved Orange. Slowly insert your fingers by making circular motions and that will make you feel as if you are inserting in a butt hole or a vagina.

Peach emojis always represent the butts in millennial slang. Peaches are rare in India, as they are available as seasonal fruits. Hope everyone remembers, how Timothee chalamet masturbated with peach fruit in the movie "Call me by your name". Yes, people do like masturbating organically with peaches because their shape resembles a butt. Who doesn't like inserting their penises in warm and tight butts, especially Straight men and Gay tops? As the texture of the peaches is not hard, so it would be simple for any person to insert their dicks in these fruits easily. These can make you hard. But keep tissues by your side as they are juicy enough.

Avocados and Papayas resemble 100% of Vaginas. They come in various shapes and sizes. One person can relate to a vagina when one cut these fruits into halves vertically. Papaya fruit with seeds inside represents the Vagina with pubic hair. And according to the survey, many men get easily turned on by seeing it and hence, privately in between four walls, those men won't eat papaya, they embrace it with their dicks. It's creepy though, but that's how organic masturbation works. Place it in one hand and slowly insert your penis in the organic vagina. Lesbian, also equally gets turned on, when they place their fingers in a vertical half of a Papaya and Avocado.

Watermelons and Muskmelons serve two purposes in Organic masturbation. Some compare them with boobs and some compare them with big butts. Hence, many men and women, use these melons as their organic breasts and butts. These melons can be used for fantasizing anal penetration. Men make a sufficient hole to fit their dicks inside the melons and rigorously make pelvic motions feel the juicy and meaty texture of the melons. They say, melons exactly resemble the inside texture of a butt hole or a vagina and hence they get turned on and hard. They masturbate till the water capacity of these melons gets finished.

So, these are the various fruits which help people to give sexual pleasure organically without any involvement of another human. But, people must not overdo these practices. These can be recommended just to experiment with the sexual criteria. Nowadays, all the plastic sex toys are available and they resemble human butts and vaginas in a fleshy way. But fruits have their health values. The water content, the fiber levels, the vitamins nourishes the genitals of a person. But, a person stops adopting organic masturbation practices if he/she feels uneasy and discomfort while using these fruits. Some may face itchiness and rashes too. So be aware of these kinds of skin oriented infections.

Mostly fruits cure, but sometimes they act oppositely too. Never feel guilty about using these fruits as sex objects. Take them as stress relievers and mostly as experiments in exploring the natural way of masturbating. Excess is always hazardous to health. So keep control of your organic masturbation practices.

And to all those men, who get excited to try, please check your pelvic capacity to handle any fruit according to your size. You can't fit your small dick in big melon, because that may create discomfort in handling and practicing. Select your size according to your size. Always consider organic masturbation as an experiment, don't get addicted to them. Because, after the continuous practicing, you may lose your sexual zeal towards your partner. So, stay safe and play harder.

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