Organic Masturbation- to who gets penetrated!

If you are reading this, it suggests that you are curious about self-satisfaction and self-realization regarding your sexual pleasures and preferences. I hope you are quite aware of the word Masturbation, and I know many people are masters at it though. With the changing scenario, the technology, and availability of various varieties of products becoming easier day by day. Now we can order those silicon beads and glass dildos happily from our smartphones within seconds. Thanks to the modernization in the aspect of bodily pleasures too.

Masturbation helps a person to relieve the stress and also, to calm the whole body. Indeed, it helps a person to remove the shit load inside the body physically and mentally too. That's the power of masturbation. One need not have to approach someone when one suddenly feels horny in the middle of the office hours, because our hands are always with us no matter what. And to all the singles out there, this option always helps in many possible ways. But don't you think we are forgetting our roots and slightly drifting towards these dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, and all the plastic shit? We do. Have you ever thought what happens if the production of these sex toys stops all of a sudden? Well, that never happens with the booming business though. Hence, we always need to keep a backup for everything.

Fortunately, we can always have back up for such incidents. And those backups come in the form of Organic Vegetable and fruits. Have you ever tried masturbating without using your fingers and dildos? The 90's kids can easily relate to this. Yes, the emojis millennials are using currently for expressing sexual pleasures are already used by the people in real in the past. And it's time to revive the old private yet cherishing secrets of our sexual fantasies and pleasures.

Girls and Gay bottoms are the people who love to get penetrated more often. In the absence of parents, husbands, and boyfriends, we always wanted to try something exciting and in most cases, we get screwed up too. But that's okay. It's just the part of experimenting and exploring one's sexual orientation. Because of many unfortunate and embarrassing situations that have taken place because of the organic masturbation, people stopped trying them and shifted to plastic dicks. But artificial ones can never give pleasure and health like natural ones. Hence, we must try all the organic forms of masturbation.

There are many vegetables and fruits which represent the dick shapes and only some of them can be used to insert into your butts and vaginas. We regularly see "Bananas" as dick forms in most of the memes and many condom commercials. But, in practical, bananas can only be used to explain how to hold a penis, how to use a condom and how to give a blow job but they can never be used to have an orgasm.

Vegetables like Cucumber, Carrot, and Eggplant, exactly resembles human dicks. They come in various sizes but they are in the same shape like a hand full of dicks. Carrots come in good sizes which can satisfy a person reach the prostate or to embrace the clitoris. But they are not recommended. Because they are very hard enough and easily fragile. People face utmost embarrassments if the carrots they insert break inside the butts or vagina and get stuck in the warm holes. Hence, to get rid of such instances, one must not choose Carrots as an option.

Cucumbers and Eggplants are mostly recommended because of their fleshy texture and not-so-harder, but hard dick structures, which are helpful for a person to attain orgasms organically. Never peel off the skin of the vegetables when you select them as your organic dicks. Just dress them up with a condom, not for safety from STD's but safety from unfortunate breakage. That's a rare situation, but if it happens, you must be prepared. Hence, a condom will protect you to take the whole mess out of your butts/vaginas.

Some annoying people try to insert Cactus, Corns and any form of natural stuff which resembles a dick. Do not act like a dick head just because you are desperate about dicks. Only a few can serve few purposes and hence, Cucumber and Eggplants can only serve the purpose of substituting a human dick organically. They are harmless and they are also natural.

  • Rigorous Masturbation with these vegetables can cause the breakage of the organic dicks. So, go slow.

  • Have a proper hold of the vegetables and never insert completely. There are chances that the vegetable can get stuck in your holes.

  • Hold the stem of an Eggplant and the tip of cucumber for perfect grip and motion.

  • Usage of condoms and lubes are fine with organic masturbation.

  • Appreciate the practice and take them slowly by feeling them.

  • Most importantly, it's not at all weird and doesn't be guilty of anything. Treat it as an exploring experiment in sex.

  • Relax the butt muscles while inserting and thrust the pressure for a complete stroke. That will help you for the smooth to and fro flow of an organic dick.

  • In the case of women, relax the vaginal area and try to take it slow.

  • Front and Rear positions, both are recommended, but one must have a proper grip of the vegetable they use.

Things which sound weird are always good for health. And this blog is not only for fun purpose, but also to enlighten and educate people who are new to masturbation and also who are curious about using vegetables and fruits as tools. Anything is healthy and good if we follow the proper procedure and if we do not over-process things. Hope you have a good time when you run out of those dildos. Vegetables are always available in the Market. And remember, they come in whatever size you wish for unless humans and sex toys. Wink wink..!!

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