Ordinariness to the Strangeness; is others' happiness worth the whole transformation with your EX?

You feel it as an unbelievable truth even though you can see your ex in your mirror standing right behind you and you think that your mirror lies, just to crush the happiness of seeing your most loved ones after a long time, out of nowhere. This is such an intense feeling every couple that breaks up out of mutual understanding or when there is no option left other than breaking up their path of love.

The whole journey becomes a chapter of life that none of the partners in a couple wants to revise as it gives either of them the similar pain of rupture. It is a complicated situation for a couple that breaks their relationship because of others' happiness. We encounter many couples like that in our daily life but we never give so much thought whether how they feel when they see each other after a certain gap. Until and unless you experience the same situation with your loved ones, you can never relate to such intense pain of breaking up with one's partner.

If you are someone who broke up with your partner for various reasons, then have you ever thought about how would it feel when you bump into your most loved partner one fine day? Many couples contemplate decisions by prioritizing other aspects like family, friends, society, career, and sometimes a few materialistic reasons to uplift their personalities. They think that they can outgrow out of their loved ones, their romantic bonds, and intimate relationships. Though this whole process seems easy, unfortunately in a practical life scenario, it adds unbearable pain for both partners. And if the same couple plans to meet up someday or bump into each other accidentally, they can only realize the constraint of pain even though it's indeed a pleasure to meet someone you love after such an unexplained gap.

A few decisions in life may be easy to make out of curiosity, willingness to sacrifice, love, passion, and affection towards others. But after that whole decision-making process settles down, things become rough, patchy, unable to revive, hard to relish. Most importantly, it becomes complicated for both partners to cherish each other's memories because every time they think about each other, the feelings of regret and guilt doom over them constantly.