One Stop for Films, Food and Fun...

Yes, I'm articulating about that one place in Delhi which includes all the three aspects, I have mentioned in the title. Films, Food and Fun. When entertainment and service industries come together, the scene will be totally commercial. Well, people are way more habituated to refer this place as PVR Anupam complex.

PVR cinemas are nationally acclaimed Indian film entertainment company where the ticket price is lesser than the price of a popcorn bucket. You can find PVR cinemas at many places as they are emerging as mushrooms in Pan India. But finding a place like PVR Anupam complex is bit difficult. Because, it is rare to find a movie space which attached to a food street, cafes and hookah stalls. There are many more interesting aspects about this whole space. Hence, I can say this place is a bit different. It's entertaining, socializing, tummy filling and stress relieving too.

From Saidulajab village in Saket, one must have to cross the road using foot over bridge and reach the other side of the road. From there, you can take an auto rickshaw directly to PVR Anupam and it is also walk-able distance if you take a shortcut from Saket E block residential complex or from Saket Metro station's Gate No 1.

When you reach the destination, one can feel the various types of crowd who visits the place to watch movies, to eat food, to have a popular meetha pan, to grab a smoke, to hang around cafes and to try some cool hookah bongs.

Tandoori Momos from Anand's

Well, everyone these days know the movie scenario in PVR cinemas. Explaining about it is totally unnecessary. Because, PVR cinemas at this place is also like any other movie theaters. There is no such specialty in this theater. But, it has its own distinguishing feature of getting tagged with these experimental food stores around.

Delhi has taken a special place in Rajma Chawal and Momos in whole India. One shouldn't miss these two dishes if they ever visit Delhi. Trying a plate of Hot and Spicy Chicken Tandoori dim sums from "Anand's Curry Delite" in PVR Anupam is one thing any traveler should not forget about. They taste yummy with a tint of spiciness and are also tummy filling. On the other side of it, one can find "Aslam tikkas", one of the best tikka places in India.

For the people who are inseparable from International food chains, they can also find food stores like KFC, Burger King, Mc Donalds, Chai Point, Pizza hut, The Coffee Shop etc. I used to mostly hang out at Chai Point to have my poison and work peacefully inside the store. There is the store which opens 24/7 and also named the same as 24 Seven, you can find this store chain all over Delhi. One can find snacks and drinks at this place anytime. If possible, try a Masala Chai with a Matka (clay container) from 24 Seven.

If you enter the compound of Anupam's, you will encounter a hell lot of food stores to try which provides you various kinds of Biryani, Momos, fried items, fast food stalls and much more. You will also notice a few booming food chain stores like Waffle Wallah, Nukkadwala, The Kathi's, WoW momos, Southy restaurants. The Food is so fascinating and mouth watering. I felt those stores were sort of Underrated. One must also try Shawarmas' and Kathi rolls from The Kathi's. Unfortunately, I couldn't taste because, Sri Rama Navami has fallen on the same date when I went there. But I have tried larger for life Dosas which were too big and delicious too. Being a South Indian, how could I even resist myself not having Dosas. Southy is this small and cozy place with around 4 tables provides all varieties of the South Indian breakfast and fast food items.