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One makes you stupid and the other makes you interesting!!

Wondering, what the title is all about? Well, surely not about alcohol and weed, though alcohol makes you stupid and weed makes you interesting. Indeed, the title is all about people who come as our partners to fill the void in our romantic relationships. Everyone is choosy and has their preferences, likes, and dislikes which help them choose their dream partner in Love. There is no mandatory that everyone who steps in our life sees the way others look at us. You may be the richest person on earth, but to your partner, you may be just a pauper with no life. You may get appreciated for all the works you do, but you may be treated as just a living being who can't do other than charity. It depends on a person's perspective. And perspectives always change from person to person. Your choices may get you the person you like or love, but you can't control the perspectives of that particular person. On the contrary, you may also find that one person, who treats you like a king, who loves you no matter how you look, how you talk and what you do. This is what the title is all about, the partners who treat you in either way.

Love is something which is inexplicable and on the other side, love can also be super toxic. It is you, who must decide, what kind of love you are into. Sorry, for those who purposely feel appreciated even though they get treated as stupid, and that's like getting dipped in toxicity of love. The one person who makes you feel stupid in whatever you do is also the same person whom you choose to be in love with. This doesn't mean your choices are bad. It only says that you may be not that person's choice. Sometimes, in life, we ought to commit to a single person for too many years and we think that particular bond is inseparable, but when the time comes to split or get away from that particular relationship, we feel very weird, annoying and mostly become self judgmental which let us slip into depression, loneliness, and anti-social thoughts. Now, answer to yourself, is it worth falling in such kind of pity situations, after all, you gave the best in that bond you created with the wrong person?? Forget about the time you spent being in love with the person who made you feel stupid at the end. Don't you think, endings are important? If the ending is not on a good note, it's not worthy enough. And, sad endings are not always bad endings. Sometimes, sadness also give a happy ending to a perfect love story.

And there comes, the other person, who makes you feel interesting from the beginning. These people can bring happiness out of your sadness. They try to fix your broken pieces, not for your happiness, but also for their happiness too. Time has nothing to do with the arrival of such people in your life. They may sometimes, change your perspective of viewing life within seconds. They bring the new you and introduce the newness to you. Till then, you wouldn't be having any idea whether that "new you" has been with you all the time. It's just, only a right person can unlock that hidden new personality of yours with their key of love. Isn't it already interesting? And this could be just a beginning. Who knows endings can be even more interesting!

But here comes the real scenario of love. After getting messed up with the wrong person by spending a lot of lovely time with that person, it is truly difficult for anyone to cope up with that and get involved with the right person, who makes you interesting. You may feel it as overexciting, supremely happy and feel the highness of love pouring on you all the time. And now one more question, when you allow a person's toxicity with utmost care and affection, why do you get freaked out when the other person shower true love with you? Shouldn't you feel worthy enough for having someone beside you or in your life, who always strives hard to make you feel happy, satisfied and interesting?

We all commit this mistake, after all, misdoings by the person who makes us stupid, we still travel in the trance of that person expecting the proper validation. And that is fine, to some extent, because no person on this earth cannot give up on the choices he makes, but we need to accept the fact that sometimes our good choices may turn into bad ones, with or without our intention and intervention. But, dragging that for whole life, will make you messier than before. And, at this moment, that other person, who makes you interesting, arrives for sure. Just, have some faith in you and the universe which is driven by love. And when that happens, try to appreciate it wholly instead of messing it up with your judgmental thoughts, your choices and yourself too. Just allow that person to take the best out of you and also allow yourself to explore the best of you through his/her world. Isn't it how love works? By uplifting yourself and the person with you in the world of love, you can become interesting, even though you don't do anything interesting and this is what all matters.

Always remember one thing, if you meet that person with whom you feel opening up yourself is important than impressing that person, then your choices are traveling on the right path. Because the person who makes you interesting looks into you, not your impressive tactics. And at the same time, if you feel like opening up yourself is more difficult than impressing a person, then you must give second thoughts about your choices. Whom do you prefer to choose, the one who makes you stupid or the other one who makes you interesting?

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