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Numb or Heal?


The word which gives both Pleasure and Pain. According to human psychology, we remember painful moments better than pleasureful moments because we humans are designed in a way that we could never forget situation which make us shed tears. Well, in the world of love, breakups are the only incidents which make people cry and distracts towards pain and we surely forget all the happy moments we spend in Love.

This is the only reason why people commit suicides or kill their loved ones just because of the pain inside them. They hardly think about pleasure when they have to accept the rejection of being in a relationship with their partners or loved ones. That's pain again. But why do people act so spontaneously in an idiotic way soon after they face love failures? Why can't they just take a moment and think about the past, present and future to sort out issues? Again Pain. It's an emotion which literally makes human minds blank and fills with utmost sadness, rudeness and other uncontrollable feelings. Pain could be numbed and also healed. It totally depends on the person how he/she perceives the pain.

A first aid, medicines or surgeries can numb and heal the physical pain of a person, but love actually makes people suffer from an emotional pain. Love failure can be considered as a mental trauma. Some see psychologists and some become psychologists for dealing the pain of love failures. On the contrary, love actually heals. But why people consider the options of numbing and healing the pain caused by love in various methods? People actually forget that Love is the only answer to the pain they deal with breakups of relationships. Again Pain, makes them to forget this simple answer!

On any day, Healing is the best option for any kind of suffering than Numbing the pain. Because temporary has been never permanent. But we are humans. We are always in a rush and we always take temporary solutions. Likewise, we always focus on numbing the pain caused by love than healing it with the same love. So, we intake a lot of unwanted shit to get ourselves out of the world of love. Isn't it ridiculous that instead of getting out of a person's world, we focus on getting away from the world of love. Why?

We humans acquire a lot of techniques to numb our love, pain and guess what, all the bodily and materialistic pleasures come into the picture to numb the pain, like meaningless sex, unwanted hookups, alcohol and especially drugs. There are various kinds of narcotics which makes people numb their pain for a while. The thing is those actually make people high and forget every single inch of their life for a certain period of time, which is totally temporary and we ridiculous humans always go behind them thinking that they actually numb our pain. Some intense idiots also think that drugs can heal the emotional pain. But they don't and it's quite obvious. They make you just forget for a while and after you become conscious you again feel the same pain by thinking about your love failure, but now the unwanted guilt caused by the circumstances of taking drugs also will be added. Which means, your sadness gets doubled and the pain escalates its level.

Why do we have to think about numbing our pain when the option of healing is quite available for us? Are we afraid of missing the person whom we love if we go through a healing process? Do we really need an extra pain by thinking about how to numb the pain? Aren't we supposed to heal ourselves from the pain and move on with the flow of life? And for god's sake, no one has mentioned in any religious book that killing ourselves and killing others under the name of love make a person look great. Forget about those epic love stories in history. They all had a sad ending.

We humans are meant to strive for happiness by handling the sadness in a graceful way and most of us fail at it. To heal from the pain caused by love, we need LOVE. It's really hard and the process is torturous. But it surely heals. Rather than diverting ourselves towards temporary solution which are quick in every way, we all must try to heal ourselves permanently on a long span. Good things always take time and they worth a while though.

Keep it in mind that not every human is same and not everyone ends you up in pain. You may face hell lot of people who give you pain, but those painful moments actually molds you into a perfect person to meet someone perfect for you in the future. So, don't you feel that you might miss some great and bright future if you get into these temporary solutions like drugs and other unnecessary emotional pileups. Healing is a life long process. It may take years to heal a person from the pain of love, but it surely makes that person a better one to lead the future in a better way and that will be possible only by loving yourself and also others who deserve your love.

So, are you a love failure or recently broke up like thousands of other people? Don't worry about that. It's just a phase and try to handle it in a graceful way. If you want to just numb your pain, throw a break up bash or enjoy a bottle of vodka with someone who loves you. That actually numbs your pain for a while, but keep engaging yourself with those people who love you and whom you love to heal from the pain. Remember, the true healing always comes within you. So start loving yourself too..! So what do you select, Numb or Heal?

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