Now until Eternity....

Are you one among them who gets easily pissed off when someone you sleep with utters the word "Forever"? If yes, then it's quite relatable to every 8 out of 10 people in this world. Unlike, the old school love in 80's and 90's, many of us in this 21st century hardly believes in the concept of eternity of Love and proudly we came up with terminologies like one night stands, hookups, live-in relationships, open relationships and many more just to get rid of the term called Committed Forever.

It's alright according to the current millennial scenario because we are very matured, broad-minded and fast forward than those people who still stuck with their partners in their end stages. Unfortunately, we are losing the flavor of love and substituting with meaningless lust and becoming opportunistic users. Strictly speaking, we are worthless loving each other because we don't know how to love and how to respond to love. Surprisingly, we are the victims and we feel guilty too.

We play safe by throwing the whole blame on our society, but we forget that we are the society. Ask yourself that Why don't you believe in the word "Forever" and why do you have a commitment phobia when it comes to relationships? Just because, you got to face the rejections and breakups? If that's the case, you must give up on yourself and people who gave birth to you too? Because many of the times, we reject ourselves and our wishes won't be fulfilled by our closest kin and kith. Relationships always make a person stronger no matter what. But why do we feel so weak when we get to hear someone saying "I Love You Forever, Now until Eternity".

Because we are emotionally broken and we resist in repairing ourselves to get ready for the next romantic relationship. Some easily moves on because of their maturity levels and sometimes because of their insensitive mindsets. But some pretend to move on by making excuses like "I won't believe in long-lasting relationships" and those are the ones who are scared of commitments in Love. And because of their influential phrases, the virus of commitment phobia mentally transmits from one person to another, which spreads like an emotional epidemic. Hence, we form a society which has never believed in the longer spans of Love, especially in Eternity.

Timelessness in love is so special and before 21st century, we used to consider such kind of love stories as the epic romantic tales and we still discuss them till date by producing them as examples and big-budgeted movies. But now, we hardly find time to consider love as an emotion. Don't you think we should all travel back in time for such eternal love stories? Hell, No. It's going to be an extra effort in investing more budget than space missions. But, we can reconsider that timelessness in our relationships by understanding the person we love and giving time for the person we care the most.

Love is positively contagious. But we take all the lust-worthy and materialistic pills to get rid of that emotion. Because we are fine with serial breakups, we are fine with getting used by people, we are fine with using others for sexual pleasures, we are fine with dumping people like trash, we are fine with cheating on people who loves us to the core, we are fine with giving meaningless explanations to chuck off the relationships just because we feel that we already gave a lot of time for one relationship, we are fine with swiping people right and left, we are fine with having endless sex with too many people and to the contrary, we are also fine with victimizing ourselves for the deeds we make with ourselves and others and at last we are fine with sharing bed but not sharing life.

We are cheating our minds and mindsets. Somewhere in the corner of our hearts, we are not fine with all of them. We just consider them as cool to fit in this irrelevant millennial lifestyle. We all want to be in love forever. We all want to share a life with a person now until eternity. But, one person's insecurities are effecting other person's way of acknowledging emotions of love and that is leading all of us to the path of fragile relationships. And that in turn transforming the whole society to believe that the word "Eternity" is meaningless and no one can gain it.

Technically, no one can decide the time limit of a particular relationship but emotionally we all can strive to make a relationship alive for a long long time to make it timeless. Staying together for longer periods is not about the eternity of Love, it's something beyond that, only Love can make us feel because it's inexplicable. So, fall and believe in love again and again and again until eternity because this particular emotion is the unending and purest form of perpetuity!

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