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Nothing Good Gets Away...

Simple sentences come with deeper meanings, isn't it right? Like the simple word called Love, comes with various emotions, differences, logic, and magics. And the same thing applies to the simple people too, indeed they are the most complex ones. Some of us think that we are experts in tackling love and emotions. That is untrue because no one can encounter the pristine and undivided love by anyone, except self-love. Only we stay with us till the grave and that's why one must always be cautious enough when in love with others. Attachments are difficult and when you get habituated to them, detaching yourself from them could be an impossible task.

In any person's life, breakups are common. The judgments behind the breakups, the conclusions after the break-up and the personality changes during the breakup phases are difficult to manage if a person isn't stable with his/her thoughts. After getting apart from a person, is it really necessary to scrutinize the things deeply to get hurt or to hurt others? If you consider yourself as right in your relationship, that could be opposite of the person whom you broke up with and that's perfectly justified. Your possessiveness might irk him off and his silence might have irritated you to the core. When the time comes, even positive attributes visible negatively.

If you want to stay in a particular person's life, no matter what happens, you will strive harder to get back to him regardless of the endless arguments and fights between you. If not, even though he showers his ultimate love and welcome you in his life with chastity, you stop at his doorstep, thinking whether to enter or to get away from him. If you take time, then you must know that you can never get into him completely. Because the rush in love has always been high and people don't give a second thought when it comes to their loved ones, especially the romanticized ones. Even though you push yourself to someone whom you are doubtful about being in love with, you end up getting away from him at any part of your life.

The one who you love truly may not stay with you, but the one who truly loves you surely stays with you. This is a simple formula of love and at the same time, when you are not in love with the one who truly loves you, you may get away from him/her. Yes, love is intense and complicated by its nature. So, instead of making it more complicated, why don't we humans deal it simpler for the sake of our peace of mind? Always remember this one phrase, "nothing good gets away" because the good always stays with you.

If someone left you for some reason or by making you a reason, you don't have to feel tragic, panic, freak out and get frustrated. Simply, strike those feelings by telling yourself that maybe that particular someone may be bad for you and you may be bad for him/her and hence, it gets away. You can't eat a rice grain which isn't deserved for you, then how can you expect a person to be with you if you people don't deserve each other.

Complex things always make humans deal them simple, but instead, we make them even more complicated with all the extra unnecessary efforts with too much exaggeration and overthinking. If you treat love as simple and fun, it makes you feel the same and if you don't, it rules your mind in a way that you may lose yourself at the end.

People come and go in life, we may fall in love with countless of them, but we always end up with one or a few with whom we feel love as simple and good and that happens when they feel the same and stay with us by treating our love as simple and good. Our truly loved ones won't get away, but someone whom you don't deserve and someone who doesn't deserve will surely get away because they are no good for you and it's that simple.

The most complicated part is we cannot lose what we truly love and when we truly love someone we put a hell lot of effort to make them stay in our lives and this situation this phrase sounds and mean differently. If a person who isn't too much into you, may find his/her way out of your life, but when you give your hundred percent of love and make them love you back the way you love them, they hardly give a thought of getting away from you. In this case, too, nothing GOOD gets away. Good always stays with you and bad always leave you. That bad might be good for you, but in the long run, that bad stays the same bad which isn't good for you.

Nothing good gets away!!

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