Not in bed, but in head...

Beds and heads are two important places for any person. Though one has life and the other doesn't, both spaces can make a person feel relax and also struggle with one's emotions. These two spaces are interconnected. If you are good in your head, you can sleep well in your bed and if you struggle enough in your bed, you could go mad in your head. We think a lot, of course, that's what the brains inside our heads are supposed to do, but thinking in your bed before falling asleep is completely different. Because in our beds, we not only think about us, we think about the person who is in our beds and also about the person who isn't in our beds. Whatever we think, it always processes in our heads and affects our relationship with beds and with people who, are and aren't in our beds.

Do you know, which situations make one think about a person who is in one's head but not in bed? We all do this simple yet intense thinking about people who we don't share our beds with romantically, sexually, and emotionally. Love is the main constraint that makes a person feel empty in both bed and head, especially when one misses the presence of a loved one. No matter whatever a person does to deviate himself from those intense thought processes, one always struggles in both bed and head.

Death is one thing that makes a person think about his/her loved ones who's not in bed. We see many couples around us, our grandparents, or if we are unfortunate enough we even see our parents losing their partners for death. That feeling of emptiness of the absence of one's partner in bed because of death, after sharing the same bed for many years with intense emotional commitment, is truly inexplicable. But yeah, such couples embrace their emotions by cuddling their loved ones in their thoughts, indeed in their heads by cherishing their sweet memories and romantic moments. Even death can't separate the relationship between bed and head.

If you think cheating on your partner only happens if you share your bed with someone else or end up being with someone in their beds, then you are wrong. Being with someone in your head when you share your bed with some other person is also cheating, of course, it might not be physically possible, but it emotionally is. With lust or love, many of us think about the people whom we are attracted to, in every possible way and hence we can't stop thinking about them even before falling asleep. Hence, we take all those thoughts to our beds, though we share our beds with our partners, we still think about someone who isn't in bed, but in the head.

Have you ever had sex with someone by not thinking about the person in your bed because there's someone else who is making love with you in your head? It is quite possible and one of the common phenomena among forceful relationships. You can force a person to get into a relationship, and you can behave like a wild pervert by having sex with that same person without any emotions, but do you think that you can ever able to confront the person who's inside the head of your partner? Can you make him/her stop thinking about that other person? Never is the answer. Forceful relationships may last long, but the emotions get vanished before the relationship start. Indeed, those aren't even relationships. Your partner may sleep with you by submitting his/her body physically, but in the head, your partner sleeps with someone he/she loves, truly, and emotionally.

Do you know who are the most fortunate and lucky people? The ones who share both the spaces of bed and head with the same person. A person doesn't need to wait until he/she feels fortunate. Sometimes, we get someone in life with whom we may not be comfortable in bed as we may have someone in our heads. If you think that someone in your head, deserves every thought of yours, then it is okay to think about that person whom you love the most. But what if that person doesn't deserve your chasing thoughts? Don't waste your time, effort, health, on someone who doesn't even think about you. The person right beside you in your bed may become the most-loved-person of yours and he/she may take place in your head too. That's how most of the arranged marriage couples work. It's all about our minds. Always place the best deserving person in your heads, no matter whomever you share your bed with. At the same time, try to have the same person in both your head and bed. Adjustments, openness, communication, understanding, passion, trust, love, affection, emotional connections can make you one among those fortunate people!

Feelings are truly powerful, telepathic, and impenetrable. Your body can hit the bed to sleep, but it takes your mind to feel sleepy so that you can sleep peacefully. If not, you end up tossing yourself left, right, and center to struggle to sleep. So, never mess up with yours and others' feelings too. Giving a place beside you in your bed is easier than giving someone a place in your head. Don't feel bad if your loved ones aren't in your bed, be happy and proud of yourself that you are true to your feelings and emotions by securing your true love in your head.