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North to South....

Fed up with the unpredictable, exigent and spontaneous mindset of mine. Days in Delhi were full of exhilaration. I loved being there, but somewhere in the corner of my heart, I wanted to be there and at the same time I wanted to leave the place too. My traveler mind always throws me in a huge dilemma in choosing places to travel. Delhi has taught me many lessons and in fact transformed me, mentally stronger than before.

I was confused, but I had clarity about what I was doing and I didn't care much about the destination. Being a huge fan of Rumi writings, I never bothered about the destinations. I just followed my paths. I didn't choose them, instead they chose me.

I was appreciating every moment I spent in Delhi and met few good companions and acquaintances. There were many like minded people over there. Though, orthodox judgmental criticism was present, the city has treated me well and proved me wrong in many aspects, say Love, Dating, Behavior, and even Crime. Not everyone from Delhi was into eve-teasing and killing others. It was clear stupidity of people to assume about the capital city in that way. I desired to stay a few more days, but my fluctuating mind didn't allow me to get stable over there. If you start knowing the place and get comfortable with the place, more than you wanted to be, you would never feel like leaving that place. That's been the reason why people get so connected with their born and brought up places.

After my 10 day trip to Delhi, I wanted to travel to a place which I have seen many years back and to witness the new changes in that particular city. I was confused with taking my decision. But I had to leave Delhi because I found few findings and revelations to share with the world. I wanted to travel to another Metropolitan City to research about the metropolitan mindsets.

It was just two days before I left Delhi. I sat in my favorite place on my favorite table with my favorite coffee. I was at Chai Point, at one side I was missing it badly and another side, I had to take decide my next destination. I even tried childhood tricks for selecting the place by picking up the written chits with names of the places I wanted to travel. That didn't work because I was no more a child. Then I started surfing the internet for seat availability in Indian Railways to all the places I wanted to visit. So, among all, one train from Delhi to Hyderabad has berth availability. In those hot summer days of April, finding a train with a berth was very difficult. Everyone was planning their summer holidays. Each and every train was running out of waiting list too. In that scenario, I have booked a ticket from Delhi to Hyderabad in Duronto Superfast express. I was quite relieved because I got the best train so that I shouldn't have to pay a lot for my extra baggage on flights. I calmed myself because I was out of dilemma in selecting cities to visit.

Hyderabad is also a place like Delhi in South India. Delhi and Hyderabad have many similarities between them. Both are Metropolitan cities. Both are the best places to explore the Architecture. Both were once ruled by Mughal Dynasties. One can find the true Islam in these two cities. Both the cities faced unforgettable incidents in the aspects of Terrorism and Crime histories. The traffic and Pollution scenario in both these cities are almost same and at par level. One is famous in North India and other is famous in South India. Both the cities are over populated.

But what about the Queer Scenario in Capital City of India and Capital City of Telangana State. There is a very huge difference between these two cities in the concept of the LGBT community. Every single bit of these cities is way more different from each other in the aspects of sexual orientations, coming out scenarios, dating and relationship scenarios, Sex life and many more. To some extent, I got the pulse of the Delhi Queer Scenario. And all I wanted to know the real side of Hyderabad's Queer scenario. Hence, I have decided to travel all my way from North India to South India.

I bid a great bye to Delhi and I was so thankful to the city which has literally improved my strength to live in between the humans who were wild, judgmental and full of conservative mindsets. It wasn't easy for me to stay sober in this city. I had to reveal the rebellious side of mine to portray my strong personality to get rid of those mean statements passed by a few people. But I always love Delhi and the people no matter what. I have seen an improving scenario post decriminalization of Sec 377. I totally had a hope that I would see better Delhi the next time I visit this place.

One must really try to stay in Delhi for a while to witness the strong inner soul of yours. If you are lost and want to know where you actually belong, I would prefer Delhi as a place to know. Because, only difficulties and hurdles can teach better lessons and show better paths for a person to excel in his/her life. I would Cherish all those adventurous, thrilling and out of the box moments which I have encountered in Delhi for whole life.

Checked out of my hotel one one fine Monday Morning and headed towards the Hazrat Nizamuddin Station and started my journey from Delhi to Hyderabad. Meanwhile, I had a few distractions and disturbances during the travel which were quite Opportunistic.

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