No one has to know!

You don't have to slap or use some abusive language to degrade, demean and devalue a queer person, you can just pass a silly statement and show your aggressive nature and hatred towards people from the queer community. And that's how Microaggression can be shown. Unfortunately, every queer person has to face it in too many possible ways from other people.

How many times and by how many people, have you gotten restricted to showcase your true queer self because of their passive-aggressive nature? Almost every queer person faces it for uncountable times by both our near & dear and also from outsiders. Now think a bit deeper and conclude, whether you need to stop yourself from exhibiting your personality or not just because the other person won't feel that you are not being validated in society.

"No one has to know" - this is one of the common microaggression statements thrown at queer people all the time and most importantly from their dearest ones, like family, friends, colleagues, etc. Do you think that no one has to know whether you are gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender or asexual or altogether a queer person? Don't you think that your sexual orientation and gender identity matters? Do you have to blend up with the typical heterosexual crowd in society, just to prove that you are so-called 'normal' like others?

Well, you don't have to, and you must let people know who you truly are regardless of the opinions of people around you. Remember, if a person utters you this particular statement, which means that person doesn't accept you completely and he/she nevertheless finds your identity a little unacceptable, embarrassing, and too much to handle especially in public. Generally, this statement is used on queer people who are open with their appearances, behavioral patterns, and the queer people who want to let the world recognize what they truly are!

Microaggressions are like slow poison injections. Their effect is slow but intense and dangerous. A single statement can make a person feel demotivated and make him/her feel uncomfortable in exploring one's orientation. Never allow a person to spill this particular statement, even though that person matters to you the most. Because if you let a silly statement get into your mind, you may unknowingly follow it and restrict yourself in exhibiting your queer nature, which indeed affects your personality!

If you want everyone to identify that you are an effeminate gay through your behavioral patterns and sensitive nature, go ahead and show your true self. If you are an androgynous person, and if you want to prove it through your fashion statements, nail every exclusive look without thinking twice. If people say that you are too much of a tomboy, irritate them by being tougher and tougher with your looks and your manly vibes. If you like doing drag makeup and want to get some attention by stepping outside, you must do it instead of listening to your friend or your sibling or your mother or your colleague that people don't have to know who you are! Yes, they have to know who you are, if it inspires you to be you!