Next time, never again!

Our failures always make us promise or take an oath regarding ourselves not to repeat the same mistake to get rid of the already experienced downfall in life. Some take them as degrading moments where some consider them as uplifting moments, it purely depends on how a person perceives those failures. We humans can make anything possible if we put our efforts and try our level best, hence, though we encounter various failures in career, we still strive to achieve something but when it comes to relationships, things become quite different.

Most of us fail at succeeding in romantic relationships or taking them further to make them last forever. But most of failing at this regardless of looks, money, name, fame, honesty and all the positive traits in a person. Do you know the reason behind it? Well, we consider others, or our partners or ourselves as the reasons behind these failed relationships, but indeed the constraints involved in love are the main reasons. Have you heard "Million reasons" song by Lady Gaga? If not, listen to it once, put your soul in the lyrics and next time if you think about failing at your relationships, you would think twice to decide something which affects your relationship.

We make mistakes in choosing the right people to share our dreams, passions, lifestyle, and love. We fail at most of them, but every time we do, we learn lessons from our broken relationships but before learning from our mistakes, we go through a lot, indeed a roller coaster journey of emotions. We become those broken souls where we start behaving differently by berating both physical and mental health. Indeed, we do this every single day of Love. Who said, loving others is easy? It includes various emotions to control one's self to maintain balanced all the time.