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Neither Pink, nor Blue...

Apart from various necessary and unnecessary classifications, people are also getting simplified based on colors. Yes, this demeaning world gets degraded every day by some morons who specifically urge others to believe the color pink represents femininity and the color Blue spills masculinity. No color comes with a particular agenda and chose its gender or sexual orientation. There is no mandate rule that men must opt blue and women deck up as pink candies.

And the worst scenario is the straight men who opt for pink color mostly considered as gay because of their so-called feminine choices. Don't you feel shitty about these opinions on preferences of colors? Some of us don't bother, but some of us care way too much to troll others. But some people specifically don't believe all this stupid color theory. They neither care about colors nor the genders too! Yes, have you heard of "Non-binary"? Well, the gender binary is all about male and female. Simply, non-binary is all about, neither male nor female. It doesn't mean they are only genderless. There are many faces for this particular coined term called "Non-binary." When people in the whole world judge others on color preferences, these non-binary ones stay away from all the judgments. They don't judge, but they often get judged by people. Sadly, they are considered as opinionless people.

If you think deeply, having no opinion is also an opinion indeed. That's how non-binary works. And the people who are considered themselves as non-binary undoubtedly come under the queer community. Non-binary is not a sexual orientation. The concept is beyond orientations, genders, and sexes. It's an umbrella that allows people who don't wish to be identified by any gender. Male, female, and third gender/transgender are the main gender aspects. The person who doesn't want to fit in any of these gender tags is labeled as a non-binary person. These people either go with both the colors or dump both of them. Strictly, there is no concept of gender exist in these people. Thus, they bother neither pink nor blue.

Typically classified as one of the gender norms, non-binary people are coming out to break the stereotypes in this modern era. They don't focus on how they look according to the male and female standards, they don't dress up according to so-called dressing ethics laid by unknown sources in society, they don't behave like typical man or woman in the aspects of gestures and postures and on top of it, they don't consider themselves as any of the genders be it male, female or transgender. People must stop classifying others, according to the colors they opt for. This weakens the power of gender and also the freedom of choice. No color has come up with a particular agenda for people to opt for them according to one's gender or orientation. Similarly, some people don't like falling under one gender or any gender. Because, unlike others, they identify gender as a non-existent factor in one's life. They can be either colorful or completely colorless.

This doesn't mean they are born without gender or sex. This is a process in which a person transitions one's self from being noted as one gender to explore one's self as no gender or various genders. Hence, you can be assigned as a male during your birth, but later on, you may feel that you are not only restricted to males because you may feel like a female too and just don't want anyone to tag you like one particular gender. Simple! Hence, you can be assigned as a male during your birth, but later on, you may feel that you are not only restricted to males because you may feel like a female too and just don't want anyone to tag you like one particular gender. Sexual orientations have nothing to do with gender specifications and, strictly non-binary never like to get specified under one particular gender. Hence, if you are gay and you born with a penis and tagged yourself as a male but loves to get into femininity and identify yourself as an androgynous, well, you are non-binary. You don't have to force yourself to be a male, and you don't have to get identified as transgender because of your blended looks. Just get rid of all the gender terms and proudly say you are non-binary.

Being non-binary is not a current trend or something absurd to mention in public. The term has evolved since ages and many people have identified themselves as non-binary because of their unrestricted gender norms. You can solely identify and respect a non-binary person if you stop classifying people, according to the colors they choose. If you try to shape your mindset to not bother about people and their color preferences, you upgrade yourself to understand the various genders. And if you comprehend each gender, you don't feel difficulty in perceiving how it feels to be a non-binary person! Let people chose whatever color they appreciate and let people enjoy their gender identities, be it gender binary or non-binary. Respect must be given to people who belong to either of the gender identities.

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