My Queer Rangers - Alan Turing!

Ever since I was a little boy, my fascination with power rangers was quite evident. It was amazing, imagining that one day I will be one of those spandex wearing lifesavers. But, now at 18, acknowledging the fact that all of us are heroes in our own proud way is more essential to me than thinking the extraordinary. So with that thought, I take you on this journey showing you the insight of the people that helped me become a better human.

I present you one of my favorite Queer Rangers!!!

Alan Turing - 16

Seeking a peek at the Big Ben in the district of Maida Vale was born a little boy who would grow up to decide the outcome of world war 2, whom the world would know as the father of artificial intelligence, the protagonist of our story was named Alan Turning. Words which are still inscribed at this birth home as a token of his selfless acts to his nation and the greater good.

Born on June 23rd, 1912 Alan Turing was an exceptional student, fortunately, his headmistress recognized his talent's head on, come to think of this era's education fiascoes it comes to relief. I won't bore you with minute info that is one google search away from your eyes rather talk about the impact this gifted mathematician had on me

I am by the interest a science student prominent in the exquisite field of biology, yet when I was reading the book on codes in the library I couldn't help but wonder how interesting can figure be, the very numbers that have haunted me till 10th grade.

Alan's contribution to the world war 2 has not only shortened the time of the war, which lasted for 2 years, but also, he single handily saved 14 million lives.

It's not that this young man's life faced no hardships, especially when he knew that he had been a different person from the rest of his peers. Unlike them, he had no intention of having a wife or be with a woman. In general, people say to me that what a determined guy he was yet they don't know that he held a secret that would eventually take his life. Alan turning held his head high and said that he indeed was a homosexual despite the section 11 under the criminal law amendment act.

This man wasn't afraid. He wasn't even stable. The only thing he thought was to do, what he loved. And in this current time period of innovation, I think this is what we all should pursue. A few days ago I was stuck between a choice regarding choosing a topic for a project. Many came my way with mundane interests, yet I took on the one where my passion lied. Alan went on countless sleepless nights just to believe in something that he and only he thought, was possible.

Is it too hard to do so? Why must we follow the norm yet talk about change?

Turing, in spite being a bomb himself, if I might add gave birth to the one thing that destroyed the greatest threat to the German opposition which was the Enigma, a force to be reckoned with. I thought when I first read about it, Alan created its arch nemesis 'the bombe' which lead to breaking the crypto codes generated by the enigma and contributed to the worlds current state. And not the worst possible scenario that half of his team thought would prevail, that the spies hidden among them grinned about.

At last, it was the time to say goodbye to the center he worked, since the war ended. He took on many new things and projects and went on to change the world with outstanding courage despite living in the era of discreet homophobia. I have to be honest that Alan never wanted recognition. He just imagined a place where he could live calmly and be happy looking out his window and passing smiles at people. He contributed to save in that very house he was born in. But, fate had other plans.

Alan turning was stripped of his dignity and honor not long after the Germans were sent back due to his hidden feelings and his passion towards men. His heart lying in Christopher Morcom, the man who changed his way of thinking on life and love both.

What is love? Everyone has a different definition and Alan, he had his own theory. He clearly said in his letters about the companionship formed between him and Morcom.

His theory on love made him determined to be better, to see better in life rather than hate and prejudice. He loved Morcom enough to change for him even after his death.

I imagine him sitting in his quarters looking at his picture and saying "for you"

He lived his life with these words in his heart, that photo in his back pocket every day till he was sentenced to probation for his homosexuality.

The worst thing a man could face is to be told that he is not one.

Alan was given hormonal doses of estrogen, the female hormone to make him normal to make him mundane. But, he has chosen a serious life decision.

On 7th June in the summer of 54, Alan's housekeeper found him lying on the floor with a bitten apple lying beside him.

The cause of death was cyanide poisoning. He took his life rather than letting authorities strip him of his honor.

And he bade farewell to the world. He left behind with the thought that one day, no one else has to sleep eternally for the love that they choose.

Alan turning, is no doubt a Queer Ranger in my eyes, because, I know what it's like to be when no one wants you.

And still, he stood up, looked in the eyes of his superiors and said "I will head this team" something which I should have learned at the age of 15.

Thank you, Mr Turing.

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