More than just a fetish...

Have you ever thought about the life of a prostitute? Okay, don't think deeper. How a normal human being identify sex workers as? Strictly speaking as the pure sex objects on whom, every person feels rightful to spill criticism and mean provocative comments. That's how prostitutes get treated with no respect. Can you imagine yourself being in such a position? Then how can you treat Transgenders as sex objects or demeaning souls? Yes, this question is all for all the people who treat being transgender, or being with transgender as an aspect to fetishize!

In the LGBTQIA+ community, every particular sexual orientation encounter criticism and hatred, but no one is treated as sex objects except Transgenders. How will you feel if you are gay and treated as just a piece of meat and nothing more than that? It stings you emotionally in deeper chords of your heart right! Well, in that case, the same thing applies to Transgenders too. Because being transgender is a sexual orientation and a person has every right to not be treated as just a sex fetish! Regrettably, this scenario is quite seen currently on many dating platforms. It's still not understood why most of the men want transgenders to be their sexual partners at least once in life but never a person to hang out with, publicly. Trans-women are most prone to encounter such desperate sex maniacs all the time. In our recent survey on various social media platforms and queer dating platforms, we found many profiles of men quoting particularly to have sex with transgender females, which is a shame! All they desire is a body with altered inner and outer appearances to just have fun for once as one of their fetishes lists.

There is a huge difference between fetishes and sexual orientations. Fetishes are the erotic desires for people's obsessions towards particular things or particular body parts. A person should not treat another person or the orientation of that particular person as a fetish. But this is what happens with all the transgenders. A transition in a body must not be considered as a fetish. Because the transition, itself matters for that particular orientation. You don't have to appreciate the transition if you feel awkward or weird or annoying, but you don't have any right to treat that particular transition as an object to fetishize in bed to degrade the value of such transitions. If you think being transgender is only about flattening chest or incision of the penis, then you are completely ignorant. Fetishes are for body parts too. Some have a fetish for feet, and some have a fetish for armpits, but some annoying people are completely obsessed with the breasts and genitalia of trans-women. It must be observed that, though the implanted breasts are not completely real and though the incision of the genitalia can never be completely attained, the process of transition is completely real. So, do you think that you must consider a transgender as a fake human being with fake genitalia, you must be obsessed with?