Moods to focus on if you are an interracial queer couple...

Do you know why the option of "Ethnicity" is available in most of the dating sites and apps? Of course, it lets a person mention his/her ethnicity to let others know about it, especially the ones who love dating people from a particular part of the world. Race and ethnicity are two different concepts that come under one particular constraint of categorization of people according to their color, hair texture, culture, and traditions. Talking about the romantic attractions of a particular race and ethnicity won't come under Racism. So, if someone tells you that he likes to date Caucasian men, don't treat him as a racist. It's common and basic for a person to have an interest in a particular kind of ethnicity and race.

There are 50 plus ethnicities and 20 plus races in this world. And on top of that, there are too many queer people out there who love hanging out with men and women belonging to different countries and continents. In this millennial era, things became so easy and convenient that people could connect over virtual spaces and meet by traveling to see each other and some even are managing long-distance relationships too! Have you ever seen a black man and a white man kissing on the roads? Have you ever bumped into a lesbian couple and noticed one of them is an Indian and the other one is from the Middle East? Witnessing these kinds of incidents makes a person feel overwhelmed and elevate hope in love. Interracial couples give the major couple goals, especially in the queer culture.

But these couples also go through the various hurdles and encounter many issues in getting to know each other and to survive a relationship and these couples must focus on few moods to be with each other forever in love, pain, and pleasure.

The mood of language; though a couple is fluent in one language, there are chances of misunderstanding a particular phrase or getting the tone of a particular phrase. Accents and usage of linguistic skills can make a couple go through difficulties in understanding each other, but this particular phase lasts for a while but some couple takes more time in understanding each other but they can overcome this mood of not understanding the accent of one's partners, with love and proper hearing skills. Don't hesitate to ask if you don't get what your partner speaks and never come to a conclusion without knowing the real meaning behind a particular phrase. Always notice the tone and sound of a particular expression. "Shut up" can be used as an expression of amazement and also as an expression of anger.

The mood of culture; many people like the traditions, customs, and cultural regulations of India. Hence men and women from various parts of the world love to hang out and date Indians, because of the culture of the country and people think Indians are smart enough to crack anything and in any field. Thanks to many Indian celebrities, this global image of culture brings out people from other countries to have an interest in Indian gays and lesbians. But the question is do we Indians, respect and follow other cultures too? Greeks and Indians possess a rich history in mythology and many aspects, but that doesn't mean other ethnicities are dumb. So, if you are an interracial couple with diverse ethnicities, always respect each others' culture and try to understand every tradition, though you don't want to follow them. Respecting each other's traditions and cultures can make an interracial couple emerge out as a power couple.

The mood of food; people from the middle east, Arabs, and countries with major Muslim populations are habitually used to see, have, and crave for meat. And South Asians and South Americans are mostly vegetarian. If you are an interracial couple in which one is non-vegetarian from Turkey and the other is vegetarian from India, then you surely face issues at the table and sometimes you may lose your cool and forget your table manners too. These variations of tastes, usage of spices, recipes, eating habits, choosing restaurants, appetite, etc. may drive you crazy every single day. The only way to overcome this issue is to start appreciating each others' food and stop complaining. You don't have to make faces when you see a lamb on your partner's plate, and you don't have to criticize that your partner is eating what domestic animals eat. Instead, schedule your food menu at your places and take turns while choosing your favorite restaurants when you go out for dates. You don't need to taste each other's recipes. Just order and enjoy your meals.

The mood of exploration; every interracial couple is curious about knowing each others' background especially, the religious interests, regional clarifications, cultural traditions, little things about people in each others' country or continents or ethnicities or races. Couples feel difficulty in understanding and communicating about a particular issue, like basic things as PDA, rules, and regulations of a particular country and a person's perspective about any aspect be it financial, political, economical, personal, professional, and even sexual too. Traveling is the only best thing; an interracial couple must consider knowing each others' ethnicity and racial backgrounds. If you go with your partner to his country and try to know about his people and their customs, it will be easier for you to get along with your partner. Because traveling compels you to understand everything about the place and people. Take a vacation every holiday season and plan it out for your countries alternatively.

The mood of sex; the word interracial became notable through porn where one can find a couple from different ethnicities penetrating each other. They say African men are good at sex because of their mighty weapons and Brazilian women are famous for their beauty and sensuality. There are sensual factors added to every ethnicity and race. That makes a person feel attracted to particular ethnicity men or women to get sexually engaged with them. If you have such intimate interest, do some research about the country or ethnicity or race a person belongs to, because that gives you a proper clarity about what to do and what not to do. People from a few ethnicities don't like spitting on each other as a form of a sensual act and some don't like getting dominated, a few don't appreciate the factor of BDSM. Simultaneously, do not generalize a particular race. Sensual interests vary from person to person. So speak out and make it consensual to fulfill your interracial fantasies. And if you are supposed to be an interracial couple, then ask your partner what he/she likes to do in bed and go accordingly.

These are some of the factors which an interracial couple must focus on to get along with each other without facing any bad experiences and without breaking paths due to misunderstandings and miscommunication.

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