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Mistakes you must not commit regarding moving in with your dating partner!

It is indeed a big decision to move in with one's dating partner and hence, it needs a lot of analysis in terms of the romantic life and dating lifestyle of a couple to get to know each other better and survive the relationship further. If a couple fails in taking time and making the right decision before moving in with each other, there are high chances for them to encounter disappointing consequences that affect their romantic bond. Generally, people take such drastic decisions about living together when they get deeply drowned head over heels in love with each other and this happens in a couple's honeymoon phase of dating. So, they end up committing a few mistakes which they later regret after moving in together.

  • Emotions should never compromise your practical approach toward love. The romanticism aspect does no wonder if a couple acts against each other especially when they live together. So, try to know your partner well in every possible way. Always remember the emotion of love acts as one of the pillars for building a love empire, you still need other pillars to work on.

  • Know the tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes of your partner when one stays with others and also when one stays alone. Some people maintain a few rules regarding their living lifestyle. You must perceive how your partner likes to live in a shared space and what your partner dislikes during his stay at home in others' presence. Compare them with your tastes and preferences. See whether they match at some level where you both can plan to live with each other.

  • Understand your priority in your dating partner's life. Just because you make decisions instantly, it doesn't mean your partner must feel the same. Never force or rush your partner to move in with you because some people take time in developing such decisions whereas some people don't like the idea of being together for a certain period.

  • Moving in with your partner isn't a millennial trend to hop on. Never commit such a blunder of getting along with your peer pressures in terms of moving in with your partner. If you don't like to live with your dating partner under the same roof, you don't have to force yourself because of others. It is more than okay to take time to envision moving in with your partner. Stay calm and let things go the way they are!

  • Never conclude your relationship after considering things that happened during your initial days of dating because everything looks lovely and you tend to ignore many things and also red flags of your partner. Take some time and perceive how you both excel in the relationship because once you move in you can't take a break from each other, you can only break up with each other.

  • Be serious about moving in with your partner. It's not a joke or a playful thing to try or experiment with. You may feel fun hanging out with your dating partner regularly and you feel the urge of waking up beside your partner daily but it takes a lot of effort for a person to adjust, understand and accept another person's presence in every possible way because the effect will be there on each other's physical, professional, mental, emotional, psychological and even financial health.

  • Live-in relationships are not exactly how they portray in movies. Be mature enough to understand that your partner may not get along with your personality all the time. Even though you both feel deeply in love with each other, seeing each other every day may become tiring and you may express your exhaustion and suffocation in being with your partner all the time. So before deciding on moving in with your partner, be prepared to handle all the emotions. If you just move in without knowing how to deal with your partner's highs and lows, then you end up committing a grave mistake.

  • Your similar and opposite interests matter a lot while staying with each other. If you befall an extrovert who loves to host house parties, imagine being with an introvert who loves to digest books in silence! Of course, two people with opposite interests can share space, only when they know how to bridge the differences, how to balance each others' worlds and priorities and most importantly how to present themselves as an understanding couple to the world that always tries to judge the couples who choose live-in relationship scenario.

  • Before anything else, a couple must discuss the financial terms, renting association, sharing the bills, contributing one's efforts to fulfil household chores, whom to allow and whom not to allow, the neighbourhood, the societal acceptance and social freedom around you, the involvement of family and friends, open and discreet notions of your relationship, work schedules, accommodation needs, groceries and every petty thing you may feel silly to discuss. But you must talk about all these things before moving in with your partner to claim proper clarity instead of feeling confused after committing the mistake of not getting the reality check of living together.

  • Most importantly, you should feel the place like home when you stay with your dating partner and even if you feel a little lesser than being comfortable, cosy and at home when you stay under the same roof as your partner, this decision to move in becomes a waste of time and you may fall into the deeper dilemma of bearing the relationship further. Instead of forcing things and complicating your romantic bond, it's better to take some time to appreciate each other in every aspect before thinking about living together. Sometimes you may feel that you aren't ready for such commitments.

  • If you need time, express it to your partner. If you have trust issues and commitment phobia about letting another person stay with you, you must talk about it with your partner and start working on your issues. Communicate whatever you feel like regarding the moving in the decision because that helps you recognize what you are up to, what you need, what you deserve, what you desire and accordingly take the further step.

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