Millennial Way of Dealing Old School Love...

Those cycle rides, rose flowers, love cards, romantic getaways without mentioning it to parents, that hide and seek game of expressing feelings and emotions, those text messages which were limited per day, those late night phone calls on terrace, meeting behind the school canteens, kissing around the school washrooms, bunking classes for movies, hating vacations thinking that we would be missing our love, and many more little yet exciting things we used to do many years ago when we were in love.

Well, I have mentioned about 90's kids, the only generation which has witnessed both Black and white movies to Color movies, Basic phones to smart phones, old school love to virtual dating. Love is always the most emotional yet controversial thing in this world. The love between couples is the mostly judged one by people till now. The scenario might have changed, but people's mindsets haven't changed in some parts of the World. We could still see honor killings under the name of Love in few places in India.

This article is mostly for people who belongs to 90's generation who are struggling with the word called Love. People belongs to this Millennial era are quite comfortable with their partners in expressing, dating, participating in sex and also breaking up with them. This is quite common in this current scenario of dating. Only few people from 90's generation can be able to handle this scenario and getting along with others in this speed dating mode. But, few people are still stuck up at feeling confused and afraid of expressing their emotions to their partners. I belong to the 90's generation. Thing is I have seen two kinds of dating, Old School dates and this Millennial Speed dating. Currently I'm blending these two in my way to get along with the millennial era with my old school love concepts.