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Millennial Way of Dealing Old School Love...

Those cycle rides, rose flowers, love cards, romantic getaways without mentioning it to parents, that hide and seek game of expressing feelings and emotions, those text messages which were limited per day, those late night phone calls on terrace, meeting behind the school canteens, kissing around the school washrooms, bunking classes for movies, hating vacations thinking that we would be missing our love, and many more little yet exciting things we used to do many years ago when we were in love.

Well, I have mentioned about 90's kids, the only generation which has witnessed both Black and white movies to Color movies, Basic phones to smart phones, old school love to virtual dating. Love is always the most emotional yet controversial thing in this world. The love between couples is the mostly judged one by people till now. The scenario might have changed, but people's mindsets haven't changed in some parts of the World. We could still see honor killings under the name of Love in few places in India.

This article is mostly for people who belongs to 90's generation who are struggling with the word called Love. People belongs to this Millennial era are quite comfortable with their partners in expressing, dating, participating in sex and also breaking up with them. This is quite common in this current scenario of dating. Only few people from 90's generation can be able to handle this scenario and getting along with others in this speed dating mode. But, few people are still stuck up at feeling confused and afraid of expressing their emotions to their partners. I belong to the 90's generation. Thing is I have seen two kinds of dating, Old School dates and this Millennial Speed dating. Currently I'm blending these two in my way to get along with the millennial era with my old school love concepts.

I used to give and send romantic cards mostly to express my feelings and emotions. I used to give them to express my love and also to say sorry if I did something wrong. This exchanging of cards was the cutest thing back then. But the cards were totally getting substituted with Whatsapp messages and images. There was no liveliness in that. Sometimes I feel ridiculous when some of my friends do with their partners. So I started giving surprises by sending them adorable gifts with cards, not regularly though. I accept that the flow of cards has reduced a lot, but it hasn't got stopped. People still believe in cards therapy, because cards and gifts are the only romantic stuff, which can make our presence alive in our absence too. So, to all the people who are getting confused in expressing feelings and emotions, opt the millennial way of dating. Take your partner for dinner, talk to him/her, end the date with a gift attached to a card in which you express your feelings in your own words. Trust me, this will definitely work and it also adds the flavor of romanticism with your old school thoughts.

Late night calls are the main aspects of Millennial Speed Dating. Nowadays, people are also having sex on phones, like sex calls and sexting. In this over the speed dating era, all those old school people are either getting annoyed or else getting desperate. Firstly, you need to digest the fact of current dating scenario and have to opt it at least 50% of it. Imagine, you are dating a person who is younger to you and quite a millennial. He/she expects you to text and call them more often because they think that's what love is all about. But old school people, love taking it slow and communicate in regular time intervals because they are either workaholic or else feel themselves desperate if they talk too much with their partners. Take away all unwanted thoughts and worries. Text them whenever you are free no matter what. Ask them how their day has gone. Call them and talk to them at least for a few minutes. Surprise them with your messages when they are asleep, so that soon after they wake up, they can see your texts which will make them feel that you are thinking about them every single second. These little things literally make you get along with them in a good way and also help them understand your work schedules. Millennial people expect much, but if you give at least 20% of it, they will be happy, because they care about the efforts and the emotions behind them.

So, to all the old school people, don't be too old school in the concept of communication. Because that's the base of current relationship scenario. In the days of virtual messages, don't take time like a postal letter. Try to give them some attention by giving them replies often that doesn't mean you lose your old school flavor. Try to handle them that they want to be handled. Treat them in a millennial way with your old school thoughts. Try to make them understand your timings and prepare them to follow your schedules. They can and will understand if they are really into you. I know taking things slow is a good process to understand the other person. But the regular communication is also must be followed accordingly. Because that era of waiting for letters for days span has ended right.

These are some of the way to deal old school love thoughts in a millennial way. So, try them next time with your upcoming or current partners and see the change. No matter what kind of era it is, Love is Love. Yes, there is some dilution in the concept of expressing emotions and feelings in the current scenario, but that doesn't mean the emotions behind love has diluted yet.

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