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Midnight Movie with a Married Man!

Well, it's quite common for me to hangout with married men since my childhood. I won't say that I'm into sugar daddies, but yeah, I was mostly into married men in my late teens. I didn't know the reason behind it. I might have felt secure and safe with them. The love, the care and the affection they have shown me was inexplicable but the restrictions of expressing them were indescribable too. There were days, where the wives of so called married men blasted me for hooking up with their partners. Since then, I have stopped encouraging married men in my life. But they were always sweet to me and I'm always rude to them till date. But why married men show a lot of care for a random guy like me?

The married men in these dating apps were actually bisexuals and gay men who were forced to get married with women. Hence, these married men find these Gay Dating apps as the platform to be themselves with the like minded people.

Here comes the situation, I encountered on the day two of my trip to Hyderabad. Inorbit mall always gives me nostalgic feels whenever I visit. It's been my favorite mall in Hyderabad since my childhood. I was doing my research regarding the queer lifestyle in this metropolitan city. But the city was wholly rigid in giving me some content as the real lifestyle of Hyderabad was totally in these dating apps especially Grindr, the most happening gay dating app.

I have been receiving many messages from many people in all gay dating apps. They were mostly attracted to my naked clicks from my Instagram. It was all about lust and materialistic pleasures. I didn't give a damn to all those messages. I just ignored them, which was a bliss. But I used to reply to the people who were either sweet or interesting. That day in the evening, while I was roaming around the mall and cherishing my old memories, I got a text from a guy in Grindr. I have just reacted for his messages and he said he liked my profile and my words. The conversation was good and he asked me about my plans in the evening. I was grabbing a beer at Smash. Not yet smashed, when he texted me. So I asked him to call me to my publicly available number. He called me up and introduced himself as a Married Man.

Oh! Fuck! I didn't judge him though. But I asked him the reason behind approaching. He didn't say that he wanted to have sex with me or he just wanted a relationship with me. Both scare me though. He just mentioned that he wanted to meet me casually to talk to me or just hang out with him in a movie. I was feeling bored totally spending my whole time in the mall since afternoon. It was the day when one of my recent favorite movies Kalank has released and I'm the person who always loves to watch movies on the first day, especially flicks from Karan Johar! I agreed to the plan and asked him to pick me up from the mall. He said he would be leaving his office at 10 pm and I said that it would be late for a movie at that point of time. But indeed I wanted to watch a movie, late night. I wasn't sure about the plan, though.

Meanwhile, he kept on texting me while I was smashing myself with beers. There was a conflict of plan due to timing issues and I literally got fed up with him. I asked him to drop off the plans and I told rudely that I couldn't be able to meet him. It was in the night 9.30pm and I was still in the mall. I couldn't be able to get any cabs at that time. Some got cancelled because of the location issues. Suddenly, I got a call from the guy who wished to touch my hair when he meets me. That was kind of weird though. I attended his call and he apologized to me for getting confused with the timings. And I didn't want to disappoint him. So, I asked him to meet me at Inorbit mall and insisted him for watching a movie on Inox screens inside the mall. He said, he would reach and decide later as he just wanted to meet me and admire my open mind as most of the people in Hyderabad lacked. I said it was fine. I have waited for some more time and when I was about to order for an another beer, I again got a call from that married man. He asked me to come near the entrance of the mall.

He was in his buzz cut look. Tight shirt with faded denims with a scar on his eyebrow. He was manly enough on his Duke. I approached him and hugged him as the initial gesture. He was cool enough and wished me after apologizing me. That was sweet. He asked me to board his bike. I was confused and asked him to get inside the mall for a movie. He mentioned that there were no tickets available for Kalank as it was the weekend, the mall was full. He said, he would take me for another theater, so that I could fulfill my wish of watching the movie on the first day. I said it was fine with me watching any movie because I couldn't believe him and indeed wasn't sure about getting on a random stranger's bike to go for a movie. He insisted me and said I would be safe with him.

I courted his bike though I was worried about my hair. It was 10.10pm when we were at Inorbit mall and the tickets were available at Asian Cinemas, Mehdipatnam. It was very far to Inorbit. Meanwhile, I was in a dilemma whether to go to a movie or return to my hotel. I was confused because I wasn't trusting him at all. It was a late night. I was with a complete stranger. I was with a married man. I was kind of new to that part of Hyderabad. I was alone and I didn't know anyone. All these factors have decreased my level of trust on him. So I asked him to drop me at my hotel while we were on the way towards the cinemas. He asked me the reason. I said I was uncomfortable visiting a new place in the late nights. He could sense my dilemma and he convinced me by saying that if the tickets would available, we could watch me, otherwise, he told me that he would drop me for sure. He sounded convincing and he wasn't giving up the idea of making me fulfill my wish.

I was ready for the consequences and decided to go with my gut instincts. We reached the destination after a speed drive within a span of 20 minutes and I took a deep breath. He asked me to wait near the box office and went to the ticket counter. He booked two corner seats after asking me. He happily came to me and said "We got the tickets, finally". I could literally see some happiness in his eyes. I was so unsure that why he was excited about taking me to a movie. He said he would park his bike and asked me to get inside the mall. I was partially fine going movie with him. I was judgmental like crazy. I totally assumed that he would expect something intimate in the movies.

After getting into the theater, I came to know that he wouldn't watch Hindi movies at all. I was shocked and strictly warned him not to disturb me in between the movie. I was such a bitch. Trust me, that man has proved me totally wrong. He didn't touch at least my fingers. He didn't annoy me by asking linguistic doubts about the movie. He allowed me to watch the movie happily and peacefully without any distraction. He was true and very sweet. He just wanted me to watch the movie I liked on the first day. He didn't give up on me. He didn't take any advantage of me. He didn't misbehave with me. He came with a clear mind to just meet me, hang out with me and make me happy. He safely dropped me to my hotel after the movie. Except touching my hair and appreciate my work towards queer community, he didn't overdo anything.

In fact, I was quite stereotypical with that man just because he was married and totally took him for a desperate soul. I thought he might have had plans on getting intimate with me. He understood the meaning behind the word consent. We could get into bed if I would have asked him to stay that night in my hotel. But he came to know the limitations and acted accordingly. His gestures were most appreciated. I was so happy. I hugged him and kissed him on his cheeks.

Married men are always like this. All the married men I met till date were so sweet, caring and best behaved with me. Sometimes, I feel why these unmarried men act so weird, desperate and annoying? Is it just because, marriage teaches men about the responsibilities, love, care and affection? I was always rude and wrong about these married men, but they have always proven me wrong with their best behavior.

He made my day with his sweetest gestures of fulfilling my wish of watching a movie late night in Hyderabad that too on the first day of the release. Without any expectations, he has showered his form of love. I still remember him saying " I just want to stay in your memories forever by taking you to the movie you love to watch. I will strive till the last minute to get your wish fulfilled". Yes, I remember him till date and he proved his lines too.

To all the married men in my life who loves me like crazy, I love you people too. It's just the marital status of yours makes me feel cautious about the limitations I must have with you because, you are already with a person who loves you more than me!

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