Midnight Cab ride....

Did you remember that roughest night in Delhi?

Well, the same night has turned out to be adventurous, thrilling and panicky in an assumptive way.

After listening to the lamest conversations between two annoying lovers, I couldn't be able to stay at my ex boyfriend's place. Their stupidity gave me a Panic attack and precisely made me furious and mad. I lost my senses and my thinking capacity. I didn't know what I was doing. But, all I wanted to do was to get myself out of that place. Hence, I have packed all the luggage which was around 35 plus kilos. My spontaneous mind made me book a hotel in the middle of the night. I was a wizard member in Oyo hotels. Hence, I thought of searching for a cheap and best stays near to Saket. I have booked the first hotel that popped up on my screen from the filtered popular hotel search bar. I didn't realize where the location of the hotel was and didn't even think about it. I have booked because the deal was good and the place was luxurious. I have dialed the hotel staff to confirm the location and also to request them for early check in. They have accepted my proposal to have a room with their hotel in the midnight, but only if I agree to pay some extra bucks. There was no option left. I have agreed to the deal.

With the help of my ex, I have literally struggled to come out of the narrowest gullies of Saidulajab with such a huge luggage. Finally, I had reached the main road and then realized that I haven't booked a cab yet. I thought there wouldn't be any cabs in those peak midnight hours. But Delhi has proved me wrong. There were a hell lot of cabs in and around Saket as if it was 9am in the morning. I found it as relieving. I booked a premier Ola cab so that my luggage and I could fit in. I was nervous and in fact I was terrified. Because I was in Delhi standing at one side of the road in the midnight with two trolleys and two bags. I was strong and fearless outside, but I was kind of agitated inside. My brain wasn't letting me to court the cab, but my heart has decided to get in the cab to have an exciting ride at midnight. The cab guy has called me and informed me that the cab was nearby. Before the cab arrived, I have stalked his Ola profile and the reviews left by passengers who have already courted the cab before. The ratings were good enough to trust. I took a deep breath and decided to reach my new destination at any cost.

The cab arrived and the driver was a little shocked with the luggage I was handling. He seemed to be comparing my luggage with my personality. I have seated in the front seat and the journey has started. It was just a 20 mins journey. The location I had to reach was Mahipalpur. Till then, I have never visited that place because I never got a chance to explore that part of the city, recently and 5 years ago too. It was the thrilling yet scariest experience though. Because, I have never courted a cab in the middle of the night to shift to a hotel. There were many things running in my mind at that peak time...

What if the car tire gets punctured? What if someone stops the car in the middle of the road? What if I get mugged by robbers? What if my cab guy asks me to get down in the middle of the road? What if he takes advantage of me just because of my visibly known sexual orientation? What if he steals my luggage? What if..... Sir...!! "Do you want some music?", asked the cab guy interrupting my stupid thought process. I have answered him by saying "Of course, I need to relax"

He asked me whether I was going for some early flight the next day. I replied No and explained him that I was shifting to a hotel. The route from Saket to Mahipalpur was totally dark and I could hardly see any house in the middle of our way. It was a highway, which connects to Jaipur. There were few police check posts though, which was relieving. And in between Saket to Mahipalpur, there were only few metro stations. Till Vasantkunj I was fine listening to the music, but after that it was utterly gloomy and I could barely see humans. There was no sign of life. Though, there were many huge trees on both sides of the road. I could only see the path because of cab's front flood lights. Somewhere I was still not trusting that person. To fill the awkward silence in scary darkness, I have hit the conservation and asked all the routes near Mahipalpur and some information about Metro Trains and stations nearby the hotel where I was about to reside at. His answers indisputably proved me wrong in every context. He was Mahesh, successfully running his cab service for 5 years with Ola. He has blessed with two kids and has asked me to not to worry about reaching the destination safely. He patiently answered every question and gave me a lot of information about in and around Mahipalpur and the Metro service. He also gave an additional information about Delhi-Jaipur highway and suggested me to visit Jaipur. He promised me that he would drop me in front of my hotel. He fulfilled his promise and finally dropped me at the destination which I had to stay for more than a week.

I paid him the money for travel and when I gave some extra change, he denied to accept it. I felt really good meeting a person who was like him, factual, truthful, Workaholic, benevolent, and generous. I have misunderstood him in my brain and he proved me wrong, totally to the core. All my assumptions got crushed with his gestures and the way he behaved with me that night.

Sometimes, because of assumptions and stereotypical thoughts, people generalize the whole scenario, even after there's some improvement in the place, people and situations. Because of earlier incidents which were unforgettable and unalterable from the criminal history of Delhi, people started seeing everything with a red eye. Getting in alert mode and misunderstanding people is getting common these days. This can be seen mostly in Cab drivers and Passengers of Delhi. Nowadays, almost everyone is courting only after sending the live location, status to family and friends, carrying pepper sprays and knives, taking pictures of Cab's number plate, talking over the phone to the people who are nonexistent to make sure the cab person think that he/she isn't alone, turning on the google maps to recheck the traveling route of cab, and many more things. Here, no one has to be blamed, neither the passenger nor cab driver. But one thing has to be noted and followed. Being alert while traveling in a cab is fine, but judging and mistaking the cab drivers for every silly reason is totally unfair.

The same thing has happened with me too. That Midnight Cab travel has answered me, every assumptive question I had in my mind, the answer was a big NO. I know not every cab driver is good, but one must also believe that not every cab driver is bad too..!!

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