Chapter 1 - Meeting

New relations form in the refreshing yet unanticipated manner. It's just the universal game of God. We don't know how and where we meet and quit people. It's just destined by the undefined energy. The main reason for visiting Delhi was to get myself indulged and involved in learning Digital Marketing and to launch my website where I could work independently on my art by creating Mandalas. And to focus on my blogging skills by screwing the judgmental society. I have ended up doing the latter most. Because, Delhi was Architectural, not artistic.

On my first day of the trip to Delhi, I have visited one of the self tagged best Digital Marketing institutions in Dwarka, East Delhi. That place was inexplicable in an odd way. I was searching for floors of the buildings, but I couldn't find them because of the unstructured arrangement of wires that were tangled one into another. It was a fast-paced and crowded place where people were going here and there as if Tsunami was about to hit them. Delhi traffic was one kind of natural disaster. So there was no option for these people than running into each other. I was shocked after seeing that institution. It seemed to be their head office. I was disappointed because I was expecting a facilitated, furnished and air-conditioned large office space where people could take a breath. I was almost breathless. Due to my claustrophobic condition, I even felt puking out. I have escaped from that place by fake wording them that I would revert them. I was irritated and indeed fed up of Delhi on day one after that unpleasant experience. Then, I tried surfing about other institutions. An institution named Simply Digital has popped up on my screen and I have called them whether they could furnish the details on the phone regarding the course. They have suggested me to approach them in person if I was in Delhi. I have grabbed a burger and had a quick lunch. I have reached the place called Hauz Khas after a lot of exploring through google maps and metro stations.

Architectural Hauz Khas

This digital institution was located in my kind of place. The place which has many cafes around. My inner soul murmured by saying that "Best place on earth is the place where Cappuccinos and Iced teas are available".  I took a  deep breath and called them so that they could guide me with the address. Finally, I have reached the institution. The people were congenial and cordial to me. I have inquired about the details and they gave me good suggestions to work on my Niche projects where there is no competition. The woman who furnished me the details has told that she was delightful and glad meeting me. She liked the way I was carrying in Delhi so openly. She wondered how a South Indian was so open and comfortable carrying himself as Gay in Delhi. That was little stereotypical yet convincing too. She was just so sweet.

The story-line starts here...

She also added, saying that one of her staff told her that he knew me. He recognized me soon after I visited their place it seems. I was surprised and was wondering who that person would be. I have reached the second floor of the office and asked about the person who claimed to know me digitally. I have approached THAT person and greeted him like I normally do. I must appreciate his grasping power. Because I change my style now and then. My intuition made me feel that there might be some connection between us. I was overwhelmed with the way they received me and talked to me without passing judgments on me. I have introduced the LGBT terminology to the counselor who was talking to me for more than an hour.

After two days, I received a compliment to one of my Instagram stories. When a notification popped up, I found the profile was quite familiar to me. It was the person who recognized me in his first sight. I have reverted him mentioning thanks. He was still a stranger to me because I didn't even remember meeting him before.

He praised me by saying that I was bold enough to defend myself against societal judgments and criticism. He mentioned that my writings have helped him to feel good, relaxed and secured. "He might have been following me since ages I guess", whispered myself. When I asked him about how he knew me before, he replied to me saying that he has seen my picture posted and shared by a photographer in Bangalore on his page. And since then, he started following me it seems.

I have no idea about my followers. But I keep on posting my bold body art pictures with "Fuck the society" phrases. Through him, I came to know that there are people who read my statuses and connect themselves. I felt really happy and satisfied after realizing it.

He started saying that he was comfortable talking to me and he wanted to open up and share his story. I always feel happy when people open up themselves to explore their real sides after getting inspired by my social content. I am a proud soul who encouraged around 17 people to come out of their closets.

My lips were widened when he mentioned that he wanted to share his story with me in a comfortable way. Because I made a most introverted, scared, deprived, struggling person to open up. As I was already on a spree of taking interviews with queer people and places in Delhi, I was excited to know his story.

I thought it was his coming out story. He texted me saying "Life is difficult and it's hard to make things get better "

I sensed some pain behind that text. To make him more comfortable, I have asked him what was happening in his life. He said, "I'm Transgender". " I haven't done with all my surgeries yet, I was a female who desperately wanted to be a male".


I could understand what was running in his mind while sharing his hidden truth to a random stranger.

After a few moments, to make him calm down and feel better, I said, "Everything is going to be alright and please have a little hope and patience to make things better".

I couldn't be able to guess that he was a Transgender. The person whom I met was a She who has TRANSFORMED to Him. I met a human, not a gender. I greeted a soul, not a person. I have replied to him to know about him and not to judge him. He asked me many times whether I was comfortable talking to him or not. It was a lame question for me. But it was an intense question from his side because he has already faced too much of the criticism. He lost hope in the fact of the world, is a better place to live. He became too low profiled and scared to live in his way. To make himself open to the person like me, it took him many moments to recheck and think about future consequences. It was this society that made him the way he was.

I have got connected to his messages and thought of working on his story. Because this is one of the untold stories. I wanted to share with the world and make people understand the pain and struggle behind his transformation. This is the most sexually struggling story which convinced me to the core to work on it.

After a few days, I have texted him saying that if he was comfortable with me sharing his story, he could call my publicly available phone number. He called me up and I have asked about the basic details of him and came to know that his girlfriend was also there when I have approached him for the first time. I couldn't remember seeing her at that place. I have asked him to meet me one day if he would be free with his girlfriend at any place so that they could share their story. After a few clashes regarding scheduling the interview, I have asked them to meet me on Thursday during that running week.

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