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Maybe that person is still getting cooked...

All we need is a hope to breathe in life and a reason to survive for someone or ourselves. Sometimes, we may not find both hope and reason easily which makes us think twice about survival. That's why we keep asking ourselves why do we even exist on this earth, especially when we hang between two extremes. This is common in everyone's life and if a person comes over this emotional hurdle, life can be hopefully better than before. A little patience and consciousness of what we need give us the answer to every question which throws us in a dilemma state, especially Love.

Countless people are experiencing the world of love, but only a few of them are spending time with the person they are destined to. If you are in a relationship, you don't have to consider that particular person as your final destination. Life is full of surprises, hence, leave the conclusions to those paths of life which lead you to your particular final destination. These kinds of assumptions are affecting a person's mental and physical health, especially when a person breaks his/her paths from the person he/she loves. This state is difficult, but quite possible to cross. Regardless of believing in fate, you are surely destined to a person who deserves you the most and if you end up alone, it states that nobody deserves you more than yourself. Simple.

It is easy to say simple, but it is difficult to encounter such situations that crush the heartstrings to the core. That's what love does. It gives you pleasure and pain too. If you can happily accept the pleasure in the world of love, prepare yourself to accept the pain, only to re-experience the pleasureful happiness. In the end, it's just a cycle and in a matter of fact, never imagine yourself to be with the person whom you are destined to. Sometimes, love acts in different ways. The feeling stays, but the people get apart.

We fantasize about our favorite recipes to be tested soon after they cooked, which makes us mouth-watering and eagerly wait to sense a recipe in every aspect. The question is: Do you feel the same or can sense that particular recipe when it is getting prepared or cooked? Until and unless you get excited to taste and end up burning your hands or tongue. Because by default, we know that the recipe can be sensed after it is properly done. When we know this simple thing, why do we humans rush up to taste pre-cooked or over-cooked or under-cooked recipes in life under the name of love?

Yes, we do that very often. We taste many recipes by assuming that it could be our favorite recipe. That's why we sometimes feel something is missing in a person and that void can be only filled by that one person who you deserve the most. We date hell lot of people in our lives and we get into relationships with them, sometimes short and sometimes long enough to make us assume that it could be long-lasting, but we still encounter the breakups in life. It happens with everyone and it happens only to make us meet that one person or multiple persons who deserve every inch of us.

Of course, breakups are painful, but they always act as lessons to be learned to lead correct paths. Love is a favorite recipe, for everyone. Who doesn't like to be loved deeply to even forget the surrounding? With no regard for age, everyone loves to fall in love at any point of time in life. But, that favorite recipe of yours could taste the best only when it is cooked by adding the most important ingredient of your life, the person who loves you the most. It varies between a person to person, to find this important ingredient.

Because the time constraint is different from one recipe to another. Unfortunately, no one knows the correct time at what age a person can find his/her true love. So, why rushing up things or slowing things down? After all these efforts, humans still fail to achieve the thing that they look for, especially in love. Some faces too many breakups in life and especially to these people, the hope of love diminishes from day by day, due to family, friends, external and internal pressures, especially, the zeal to taste their favorite recipe as in feeling the love for the person who loves them the most.

To all these people, keep this simple thing in mind, instead of feeling bad for your serial failures in love, feel good that you are getting too many chances to explore the world and to filter it out more to reach your true love sooner. Because only hope has the power to heal and sometimes it even create miracles. Who knows, after all your efforts, you may bump into the person whom you are destined with, in some weird or annoying or adorable or demeaning situations. Love is truly unexpected, it may come from any corner and surprise you with a better life. Who knows, your favorite recipe takes more time to get prepared and your favorite ingredient may be rare to find? Maybe that person is still getting cooked!

Wait until that person finds his/her way to cross your paths. After all, we humans come across many people, but after crossing them, we feel demotivated to go further to come across that one person, who has the power to drift our paths. And if you think this process is easy, then the world would have been a better place, already. But is it? No, right! We are still striving hard to make it a better place and why can't you strive for yourself to find your true love or to taste your fully cooked delicious tummy-filling recipe which gives you happiness and satisfaction. It starts with you and it ends with the whole world. So, wait for the person till he/she gets cooked perfectly fine to taste perfectly best!

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