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Make love in sideways...

Sex is a sensual role play where a couple or a group of people get into intimate roles to get engaged with each other physically and mentally to reach the orgasmic nirvana. In such sensual plays, people typically get into the roles of dominant and submissive. Some love to get dominated and some love to control their partners in bed. Everything is interlinked in sex. Hence, many sex positions have designed based on the desirable behavior and the role of a person. Some positions have designed in such a way where a receiver dominates a giver by riding like mad horses and at the same time, givers wildly get into receivers which make also make them control and maintain a super grip of their partners through some positions.

What if no one wants to get dominated and to make love just as a couple for a while? Yes, don't you think in between being dominated and being submissive, you also need to play neutral to make up for each other? Well, for this very reason, some sex positions are available in the world of Kamasutra which allows a couple to make love in sideways! Remember, when you are on top, it's your turn to take the charge and when he is on top of you, it's his turn to manage you in bed. Hence, when both of you hold each other, side by side, then you both equally rule the world of sex, regardless of orientations and genders. Side by side: According to gay sex, in this sex position, both the partners get physically into each other completely in sideways. For that, the gay bottom must lie sideways on bed/couch/floor and spread the legs close to the chest by maintaining some gap between them to allow the gay top to penetrate in that managed gap. The gay top must also lie sideways by facing towards his partner and gracefully placing his side body on one of his partner's legs which is on the ground. See to that the gay top must lie on the thigh part of the bottom's legs to provide a precise angle to penetrate.

A couple must be flexible enough to spread legs and penetrating each other. To elevate the intensity, as this position enables a couple to face each other, one can intimately kiss and use hands for body play. The gay bottom can hold his leg which is in the air with a hand to allow his anal muscles to relax and spread for smoother penetration and similarly gay top must see that his whole weight shouldn't bother his partner while penetrating.

Do you know that spooning allows a couple to make love in sideways? Yes; "Spoons" is another anal sex position in which a couple, face against each other exactly like cuddling. In this, both gay top and gay bottom lie on sideways allowing for anal penetration. This sex position gives control to the giver or a person who penetrates. The gay top must hold the leg of his partner with one hand and also drawing the body of gay bottom towards his face by using other hand so that it would create some gap for smoother insertion of the penis in the butt hole of his partner. Though both the partners lie on sideways, the bottom's role is ultimately passive where the gay top must be active in working the sex position. Spoons and Side by side are the two sex positions that allow a couple to make love in sideways but some other positions also enable a couple to have sexual contact. These are different and basic sex positions which can also be performed in sideways like doggy and cowboy! Absolutely, these are the basic sex positions where everyone practices in bed, but to break the monotony, these can also be practiced sideways!

Cowboy is all about riding, hence the control would be in the hands of a person who is on top, well, in gay sex, control is in the hands of gay bottoms whereas gay tops play a passive role. All they have to do is to just lie on the floor/bed or couch and offer their tools to their partners. Here's the twist, instead of facing towards, a gay bottom must face diagonally away to his partner and ride sideways. This happens when a gay bottom sits by spreading legs to allow the butt hole to get penetrated by his partner's penis. Gay tops can hold the waists of their partners to have a perfect grip while inserting. Isn't it simpler and also a different approach to riding than a regular way?

Next comes the most performed sex position; the doggy style. This enables givers to take the charge on their sexual roles. Though the work is totally in the hands of givers, the passively active dominance can be shown on their partners. Doggy style is ultimately about giving pleasureful pain to the receivers. The regular way of doggy position is easy, but the sideways doggy style is a little different and also difficult too. Gay tops must be flexible enough and also have proper handling capabilities. In this position, gay bottom lies on the floor or bed or couch in a four-legged way. All a gay bottom need to do is to offer his body and relax his anal muscles whereas a gay top turns sideways and penetrates his partner. This happens only when the giver places his one leg over the body of the receiver and another leg to maintain the weight of his body. He can place his other leg on the legs of his partner or else on the floor or bed.

A person must be careful enough, while spreading legs over the body of his partner It's like creating an inverse "L" shape with one's body to smoothly penetrate and appreciate the position. Sideways doggy style can be considered as a sexual experiment, so be careful while performing this!

These are some of the sex positions which allow a couple to appreciate the part of their sex sessions in sideways. One can opt to perform these in the middle part of a session because in addition to allowing a couple to relax a bit, these also elevate the pumping sensations in the body to perform well in bed. And if you think you are completely getting dominated, just make peace with your partner to make love sideways to be on the same page of dominance in sex! The word dominance here suggests the capacity of physically getting engaged with love, not sexually abusing your partner. Observe the difference and make love sensually. If you can walk alongside, why can't you have sex side by side?

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