Lust rushes but Love waits

Said Bridgett Devoue. Here are the 5 aspects which prove this phrase, totally right to the core!

Love or Lust !?


The person who loves you always care you to the core and give you all the attention needed. But in a limited way because, a person who loves you will also love to give your own space and let you take care of your own self sometimes to just make you strong and make you feel independent with or without him/her. Because Love is all about caring and protecting each other with or without the existential criteria. Love waits!

Are you getting unnecessary attention from your partner? I mean, are you getting praised for every single stupid thing you do? Are you feeling that you are the top most priority in his or her life? Are you getting suffocated with the word called Love getting attached to every single sentence? Wake up.. Its high time to realize that your partner is treating you as a pure Lust material. Love cannot be described and said to each other. It must be shown through actions. Lust actually uses word Love too many times to just fulfill the meaning of it. Lust rushes!

Signs about Sex:

Love v/s Lust is like Boyfriend/Girlfriend v/s Fuck Buddies.

Answer to yourself that "How often you are ending up in bed with your current dating partner?"

The person who loves you never take every single topic to the bedroom because he/she knows that sex is not the ultimate solution for every single problem. Love is all about waiting to see each after having a long and tiring day. Its not about forcing someone to penetrate into each other no matter what. Cuddling each other is the best form of sex for people who are in love. Not having sex regularly is not a big problem in Love.

Some relationships are Lust worthy in a Pristine form. Every problem has only one thing to blame - SEX. People hardly wait to see each other. Because in this millennial era, everyone has to rush for work the next day. But, wait, do your partner ask how your day is shaping up? No?

Because he/she don't give a damn about it. Does he/she always complains about not having sex regularly? Are you just getting treated as a person who can only be recognized for your sex moves and not for the work you do? Well, it's a lusty affair!


If Lust is a person, then it must be tagged as an extremist. If you are in a lust worthy relationships, you either get a lot of unnecessary sex dials or else you end up answering calls from your partner once in a blue moon. Its just how Lust works. If you are giving a lot of orgasms to that one person whom you are dating, he/she would die to know your availability to take his/her fucks. And also, if you are that one person who is restricting your partner and literally saving a date for an intimate encounter, you end up getting dumped soon.

Love waits and maintains the consistency regarding communication. If you are getting a Good morning and Good night texts every single day without giving a miss no matter how busy you people are, then trust me, you are in hands of a person who loves you. Because, it just specifies that you are his/her first and last message. It is okay not to receive a call or message in the middle of the day. Between those two texts, you run in his/her mind whole fucking day. Miscommunication happens in Love too. But people come up with quick solutions to rectify them. A 5 minutes call per day is more than enough for people who are in Love.


Definition of romantic dates is hanging out together on a lazy Sunday doing nothing during day but ending the day in a fancy way. It may be Netflix and Chill with making love or it can also be a romantic candle light dinner. This is how people in Love would spend a day. Because, for them, Love is understanding and giving freedom to each other's preferences.

Are you being asked by your partner to step out every single weekend for parties, movies, chilling out in fancy restaurants? Maybe you want that person in your life just because the sex is good. Because, you expect a hot session followed by so called fancy romantic outing. Romantic dates are definitely end up with hell lot of sex in Lusty Rusty relationships.

Flow of Information:

Do you remember how you met your partner? Do you know his/her favorite dish? Do you have any information about his recent incident? Don't worry, these questions have nothing to do with your relationships.

Because, talking about the grossest things on earth is Love. Forgetting the anniversary date but remembering to prepare breakfast and keeping a stick note saying "Breakfast is on table" is love. Pulling legs on each others family backgrounds is love. Answering savagely to others about your partners wishes and choices is love. Completing each others sentences is love. Talking to each other through eyes is Love. Crying for each other is love. Shouting and screaming aloud for your partner's unhygienic habits is Love. Being harsh for sake of each other's wellness is love.

If you and your partner is not fulfilling at least a single aspect that has mentioned above, then please check yourself whom you are with and what you are up to.

Having lust worthy relationships under the name of love is the worst thing ever. Lust relations on a consent basis is acceptable. That's where Fuck buddies and concept of Friends with benefits pop up. But dreaming of Love with a person who see you with his/her lusty eyes will always be an uncompleted dream. Love is a never ending process with two complete souls. Lust is a rushing process with two salacious soul.

Its not that Lust is negative and Love is superior. Its just the way how you treat your partners. Because, when the other person truly loves you in an intense way, try giving him/her the love they deserve. Don't stick to the relations for the sake of sexual desires. Emotions are involved in both Lust and Love but the intensity of emotions differs. Don't just be a desperate getting into relationships, you may end up falling for Lust because Love is worth waiting.

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