Love in the world of Triviality!

Efforts are important in any kind of relationship, but these efforts play a vital role in romantic relationships, especially with Love. Love cannot be measured in kilos and liters, but it can be felt through efforts which two persons do for each other to embrace the emotion in a healthy romantic way. Until the efforts are seen in a couple, there won't be any discrepancies in relationships. But what if those efforts get unnoticed by one of the persons in a couple? That's when Love slowly moves into the world of Triviality.

Love is something inexplicable but it can surely be felt and noticed easily. We see thousands of couples in our lives and out of them, hundreds of couples are bad at their committed relationships and some of them even broken up with their partners. Love becomes trivial when our partners take us for granted, take advantage of our emotional selves, use us to meet materialistic and bodily pleasures. And all these happen when anyone in a couple starts behaving weirdly due to unfortunate, personal, professional, emotional and physical reasons. And the other one in a couple, taste the bitterness of Love and finally end up pushing the emotion of Love in the darkness.

Yes, the couple who let their love step into the world of triviality, surely face too many changes in their life routines in every single possible way because the state of love has been already changed by then soon after they start neglecting their emotions and being insignificant about the bond they have in between them. This happens in most of the couples, regardless of sexual orientations. Breakups and Divorces are the main outcomes of this Trivial Love.

Every person loves to get recognized and noticed for the love they shower on the person one loves. Little things can make things both better and worse. The outcomes are always superlative. Exclusively, for romantic relationships, love is all about sharing, caring, protecting, helping, romanticizing and importantly witnessing each other's emotions. Some people fail at expressing their emotions at the right time and some people express emotions when it's the right time and some people neither cares about the emotions nor care about the right time. This third category people, surprisingly share a bond for the sake of society, name, and fame. And these are the real players of Trivial Love.

Trivial Love is sick. It's the ugly side of emotional Love. Because, when we feel the pain of the person who gives pleasure to us, we can never forget that emotional pain which leads a couple to ignore each other gracefully under the name of Love. In the end, we can just look back and regret. It is the result of wrong choices, mistakes, and impulsive decisions. And the people in Trivial love are considered as Happily unhappy couples. If people feel trivial about their love and feel the emotions are worthless, they start escaping from reality and they deal with every situation with utmost pessimism.

Couples start facing too much of the negativity in things that are surrounding them. Those include the work situations, the neighborhood, the kids and importantly for themselves. They start ignoring each other, they stop caring about each other, unnecessary gap will be increased, too many miscommunications, they misunderstand about each other and sometimes, they don't understand what they do for themselves too. Trivial Love is one form of emotional depression where people aren't aware of their depressed souls. The lack of emotional bonding, make these couples act against each other.

Some people are so full of emotions, and they don't give up on their partners easily. Even though their partners don't give a damn, these people still put their hundred percent effort to love their loved ones to make their relationship stronger. Some people never understand others and they keep proving themselves as emotionless, with their behavioral patterns. We should never stretch till it breaks. And due to the stupidity of these kinds of people, the people who believe in love, also lose hopes on love, and they forcefully dump their emotions in their and their partner's sake. And they start treating as a trivial emotion and finally they conclude that instead of cherishing, they feel regret when they look back at their love life.

This is how emotional love transforms into trivial love. People become emotionless and never believe in investing their emotions on others and they also never encourage others to keep faith in love. That's why the trivial form of love is spreading like a virus and people in the current scenario hardly keep trust on the most trusted emotion called LOVE. But for every problem, there is always a solution and sometimes, the problem itself can be a solution too, it's just we need to focus on the emotional detailing.