Love after Break-up!!

Breakup, the word which actually tells many stories without explaining a single line about it. Be it any kind of relationship, breaking up emotional attachments with people, always have too many explanations, problems and struggles too. But what about love after breaking up the relationships? Do you think, that there won't be any love later on with the person you break the relationship with?

Well, unlike straight people, the relationships in the LGBT community are sort of fragile. Out of the survey, around 70% of LGBT relationships have ended within a few months since committed. Hardly, few people are crossing all the hurdles and living the life they dream of. It's not that people from Queer community are less stable and have more commitment issues. There are many people breaking up their relationships because of the societal issues, family pressures and judgmental influences. And some reasons are quite ridiculous to even consider.

Dealing breakups are surely a tough task. Getti