Love after Break-up!!

Breakup, the word which actually tells many stories without explaining a single line about it. Be it any kind of relationship, breaking up emotional attachments with people, always have too many explanations, problems and struggles too. But what about love after breaking up the relationships? Do you think, that there won't be any love later on with the person you break the relationship with?

Well, unlike straight people, the relationships in the LGBT community are sort of fragile. Out of the survey, around 70% of LGBT relationships have ended within a few months since committed. Hardly, few people are crossing all the hurdles and living the life they dream of. It's not that people from Queer community are less stable and have more commitment issues. There are many people breaking up their relationships because of the societal issues, family pressures and judgmental influences. And some reasons are quite ridiculous to even consider.

Dealing breakups are surely a tough task. Getting out of someone's emotional world is not so easy as it is in people's comforting phrases post breakup. You know what makes a person feel bad about detachments after break-up? LOVE. The one and only emotion which makes a person to take months and sometimes years to forget about the person one love.

In the present scenario, it's hard to find a person who is sure about one's orientation, open to the society and open minded. This combination is rare and unique. But still, people who have the mindsets with this combination are also getting failed in most precious emotion called LOVE. Regardless gender and sexual orientation, the pain after the emotional detachments, cannot be compared with one another because it varies between one person to another person. Some take days to move one and some take a lifetime that they never move on. Because love is an extreme feeling and people become extremists after falling in love.

The reason behind that extremism is also LOVE. Do you think hating a person to the core will make your ego feel satisfied and you can move on later easily and happily? Well, if you think so, then make sure how much time you spend on hating that one particular person you love? Thinking about taking revenge on the person you loved just because he/she cheated on you and left you for any reason or no reason? Then, sorry, that's not love and you never loved that person before. It might be just attraction or a useful purpose to maintain a partner for the sake of societal status, which makes you indeed, a hypocrite.

Hating a person and taking revenge on a person for the sake of breaking up the relationship is quite juvenile. Wondering what one should do right after the breakup? Well, check out the title of the blog once.

Yes, Love, after breakup.

The only way to deal the detachments of any relationship is Love. Because love can make things and also break things, emotionally. It's just one should have proper grip about the emotion they are dealing with. And the way of showing love, can literally repairs your broken heart for sure without any negativity.

The love before the breakup is all about caring and living for each other, romance, continuous communication, hanging out all the time and totally getting into each other in a deeper way. But suddenly everything vanishes right after breakup. Hardly there will be any communication, you care for taking your things away from each other, zero feelings for each other in a romantic way and totally try to get away from each other as soon as possible. Things change, situations change, but do people change? They won't. They just predict to be changed, because they want to get rid of the habituated environment with their partners.

In the queer scenario, breaking up is all about moving on with another person as soon as possible, in a way which includes bodily pleasures. People think that having sex with another person will make them feel good after breakup. But, that never happens anytime sooner. People choose hookups as an option because of stress. During sex, they definitely miss the love making with their previously loved partners.

Deal with these difficult situations in a loving way rather than taking too much of stress. Love yourself. Spend time on yourself. Care and pamper your souls. Think about your future endeavors and focus on your career. Though, you do all these things, you will still miss those relationship days when you are single. Because, those are emotions. They are hard to get rid of. These may transform a person into a disaster. Unnecessary angry, staying unfocused at work and home, getting irritated when you see a love couple and most importantly, people end up drunk dialing their ex partners.

Well, if you think that you really love your partner, then respect his/her decision no matter what. Agree with their opinions, even though you are right. You don't have to argue with fools at the end of the day to prove yourself right. You don't have to hate that person. Love his decisions and act accordingly. Though you are connected emotionally, be matured enough to give people their own space. Love is not about hating a person post breakup. Love is always about love.

There is no rule that you cannot love a person post breakup in any law. But the intensity of love differs. You should start loving the memories and keep cherishing them forever. Because, these are the proofs for your happiness. The pain after breaking the relationships is indescribable. Maintain the space and be with them normally. At least pretend it. Fake it till you make it.

Love after a breakup is more like a care given by a well wisher because by then you would get to know every single inch of your partner. You must understand his/her thought process and act accordingly. Be normal with them. Be like a person whom they should count on. Cherishing good things in a relationship rather than dragging things about bad breakups, can help any person to lead a peaceful lifestyle, regardless happy or sad. Control your emotions and try to be happy. This must be followed only in mutual breakups or breakups which happen for a specific and strong reason.