Lipstick or Chapstick, which one do you prefer?

Don't worry, you didn't accidentally click a random makeup blog. This is completely a queer blog that introduces you to the whole scenario of a lesbian tribe, which is specially classified based on the usage of makeup. Now, this may sound utterly stereotypical, but this is the fact. Sometimes a slang of a particular state becomes a separate sub-classified language depending on various accents. Similarly, the tribes in homosexuality are mostly segregated on physical attributes. Lesbians are no exception and most importantly lipstick lesbians are not at all an exception. Indeed they are the most targeted ones in the community for their blending appearances. Are you wondering how?

Well, the dressing, physical and behavioral attributes of a typical woman are the most standard attributes, a person considers if he wants to describe the beauty of a woman's grace! Like long hair, piercing eyes, hyperbola waist, luscious lips, and enticing outfits that are mysteriously unrevealing. Yes, a person can find every unique attribute of a typical woman in a lipstick lesbian. Now the question is, can you identify a woman with such attributes, to be a lesbian without interrogating her about her sexuality? The answer is a big "NO." This is why they are the most blending personalities of the lesbian community. No one can identify them as lesbians and even though they announce themselves as lesbians, people approach them with a foolish statement saying "You don't look lesbian!"