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Lipstick or Chapstick, which one do you prefer?

Don't worry, you didn't accidentally click a random makeup blog. This is completely a queer blog that introduces you to the whole scenario of a lesbian tribe, which is specially classified based on the usage of makeup. Now, this may sound utterly stereotypical, but this is the fact. Sometimes a slang of a particular state becomes a separate sub-classified language depending on various accents. Similarly, the tribes in homosexuality are mostly segregated on physical attributes. Lesbians are no exception and most importantly lipstick lesbians are not at all an exception. Indeed they are the most targeted ones in the community for their blending appearances. Are you wondering how?

Well, the dressing, physical and behavioral attributes of a typical woman are the most standard attributes, a person considers if he wants to describe the beauty of a woman's grace! Like long hair, piercing eyes, hyperbola waist, luscious lips, and enticing outfits that are mysteriously unrevealing. Yes, a person can find every unique attribute of a typical woman in a lipstick lesbian. Now the question is, can you identify a woman with such attributes, to be a lesbian without interrogating her about her sexuality? The answer is a big "NO." This is why they are the most blending personalities of the lesbian community. No one can identify them as lesbians and even though they announce themselves as lesbians, people approach them with a foolish statement saying "You don't look lesbian!"

Apart from society's judgmental criticism, many lipstick lesbians have a strong approach to be labeled as a lesbian even though they get straight-splained! In the lesbian community, these women attract all the other lesbians towards them because in every possible way they portray their perfect feminine personality. Of course, lesbians like women and they fall for women who exactly seem a typical woman. Hence the competition is also way too much for these chic ladies. If you think the competitors are only lesbians, then you are wrong, don't forget straight men! The one lesbian tribe woman who always gets mistaken and asked out by men is lipstick lesbians!

Even though you win among the competition and procure a girl as your lipstick lesbian partner, you must be well prepared enough to maintain, manage, and handle them in all possible ways! First and foremost, they are of high maintenance, highly educated, highly fashionable, mostly pampered with things around them. Though they don't look at other's pockets, they must be looked after in a well-mannered way, because the least they expect is to take them out on a candlelight dinner, shop some scented oils, get a weekly pedicure done and roam around Bobbi brown and Mac stores to pick up some tongue-twisting named lipsticks and blushes! The one lesbian tribe woman who always gets mistaken and asked out by men is lipstick lesbians! All they need you to do is to hang out with them. So, if you are not a shopping person, get yourself trained before hitting on these ladies!

These can be dependent on parents or perfectly independent, but they always lookout for a shoulder to lean on and love to be co-dependent on their partners. They love being wives of their women and emotionally connected with them all the time. They will do everything to take your stress and they love you not lesser than your mother. Though lipstick lesbians get criticized because of their appearances and lifestyle preferences, they always make better partners in life and bed too!

Speaking of sex, the lingerie collection of these lipstick lesbians is more than enough for anyone to drool over them. They know how to create a sensual environment around them to engage their partners completely get into them. Expertly, their moaning will induce you not to stop your moves, and the sex goes never-ending with them. But, also be prepared to handle their mood swings and post-sex behavior, don't forget they represent typical women!

Okay, your patience is well tested till now, and it's high time to get to know about the Chapstick lesbians! If butch lesbians are at one end and lipstick lesbians are on the extreme opposite side, chapstick lesbians are the ones who walk towards lipstick lesbians from the mid of the bridge! Did you get the point? Chapstick lesbians represent both masculine and feminine features, but they mostly tend towards feminine attributes.

Unlike lipstick lesbians, these can get comfortable in tight jeans and buffalo check shirts but at the same time these can carry their decked up looks gracefully too, but with one clause; not lipsticks but they prefer just a balm to get rid of chapped lips. They are the walking balance-machines of masculinity and femininity among the lesbian tribes. They admirably fit for the minimalism. All they desire is to be wholly comfortable, simple, and elegant. These never get straight looking comments, but at the same time, indeed, they raise doubts in people's minds with their occasional appearances about their homosexuality.

These women can be witnessed in every industry. Though they don't maintain chic fashion statements, they do look attractive in simpler ways and chapstick lesbians are more flexible, engaging, and understanding personalities than lipstick lesbians. Both makeup based lesbian tribes got their pros and cons though.

A lipstick lesbian can melt you down with her high fashion chic looks, exceptional standards, adorable yet innocently elite gestures, similarly, a chapstick lesbian can also melt you down with her classy minimalist attires, flexible standards, sweet yet sophisticated gestures! These two lesbian tribe women represent the perfect epitomes of being a woman, physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally too!

The best and fascinating part about these lesbian tribes is, they don't judge other lesbians for their appearances and they don't let anyone label them as straight too. They speak out and stand for themselves, but they need someone to be with them to feel secure and protected. So, if you are a woman who can handle another woman's mood swings, happiness, sadness, and even depressions too, then you can prefer either of the lesbian tribe, lipstick, or chapstick because both of them make your lips beautiful and full.

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