Level of Hypocrisy - Trophy v/s Shelf

Are you wondering about the weird opposition between two non-living things in the fight of hypocrisy? The one common similarity between a trophy and a shelf is the presentation. A trophy can be presented to a person as a token of appreciation and a shelf is useful for the showcasing purpose for the people to acknowledge the presentation. But indeed, these two play sensitive roles when compared to human beings, metaphorically.

Relationships are typical and can be deviating and sometimes end up demeaning the whole point of being together sharing a bond. Love has the power to make a person lose his senses and do any kind of annoying activities and degrade him to any level just to reach the person and to be with the person whom we like. At this very point, the meaning of love can vanish and the promises get evaporate just in seconds to get things done accordingly. Do you get it? Are you still feeling confused about the weird relation between these non-living things mentioned in the title and the relationships between human beings?