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Level of Hypocrisy - Trophy v/s Shelf

Are you wondering about the weird opposition between two non-living things in the fight of hypocrisy? The one common similarity between a trophy and a shelf is the presentation. A trophy can be presented to a person as a token of appreciation and a shelf is useful for the showcasing purpose for the people to acknowledge the presentation. But indeed, these two play sensitive roles when compared to human beings, metaphorically.

Relationships are typical and can be deviating and sometimes end up demeaning the whole point of being together sharing a bond. Love has the power to make a person lose his senses and do any kind of annoying activities and degrade him to any level just to reach the person and to be with the person whom we like. At this very point, the meaning of love can vanish and the promises get evaporate just in seconds to get things done accordingly. Do you get it? Are you still feeling confused about the weird relation between these non-living things mentioned in the title and the relationships between human beings?

Well, what does an authentic sports player or an artist or a worker or any person strive for? Appreciation! When a person knows that he can be appreciated by getting awarded with a famous or an expensive or a crystal-studded golden trophy, he or she will work or play or perform the best to reach that particular trophy and to get his or her name printed on it. This is how an aspiring person thinks until he holds the trophy and enjoys the moments of ultimate appreciation. People just care about the struggle till a person has reached the trophy and gets awarded and the rest becomes unknown or untold stories. Any person who gets awarded a trophy will cherish the moments for whole life, but secure the trophy in a protective shelf with or without a lock, just to present it as an achievement for the people who visit him/her. The trophy can be only seen who visits it or the person who wins it. Some trophies aren't allowed to touch by people too, because of their worthiness. This is what happens when a trophy reaches a shelf. It just gets stuck on that shelf, just like another piece of presentation or just as a showoff. Why all the hard-workers become hypocrites when it comes to their trophies? They work hard to get awarded and later they just store on a shelf and won't appreciate the trophy anymore after they start working on their other endeavors.

Apply the same situation in life, and compare a trophy to a worthy person and shelf to be a huge mansion or just a home with four protective walls just to get rid of people. Many of us are worthier than we think. Some are too helpful, charitable, lovable, adorable, stunningly beautiful, gorgeously smart, undoubtedly the best and yes, hopelessly romantic. All these people are always treated like trophies and some may live life like a trophy stuck on a shelf in the whole life. Like the situation explained before, here exist some aspiring people too who always dream of having a beautiful, smart, educated, well behaved and the most powerful partner in their life, so that their name in the society can be uplifted with the partnership of these walking trophies. These ambitious people who do anything to get the person whom they like the most after validating all the desired attributes of a dream partner are dangerous social hypocrites. Because they always want their dream partner for themselves, they can't share with others and they don't even allow others to see them. They just pose a hell lot of restrictions and convince their poor gorgeous partners to their huge mansions with all the materialistic pleasures.

Now, imagine the situation of that particular person who got considered like a trophy and got awarded as a partner to the person who dreamed of having him/her. The situation is a sort of inexplicable one. Being stuck with the words called love, relationship and commitment for life, the trophy person hardly gets a chance to live life on his/her terms, because by then he/she realizes the situation, it becomes late and can do nothing other than just accepting the fate. There are many of them in our society who love to live their life on their terms as they are blessed with too many positive traits, but a single mistake of getting committed to an overly ambitious partner with the restrictive mentality changes everything in and around them. This is just because of the utmost hypocrisy.

Some clever people use adorable tactics in the form of their words, actions, gestures, bodily and materialistic attractions and anything which makes them reach that most deserving one they dream to have as a life partner. They promise many things before commitment and they act exactly opposite to it later when they know that a particular person can never get rid of them easily. It's completely toxic and tragic. All they want is to have their partner for themselves and hence, they end up caging a free bird for a lifetime and they prove their hypocritical yet cunningly intelligent mindsets.

The mistake doesn't lie in these social hypocrites, the mistake always lies in people who are smart with dumb decision-making abilities. If you are one among them, keep this is in your mind, know your worth and deserving capacities before someone ruins your life. Do not get attracted to the materialistic world. Always make decisions that feel you free, happy and satisfied. If you are doubtful about any one of it, just dump the decision of getting committed to a person whom you think the most worthy one who also comes with clauses. Promises aren't just words, they can be felt in actions. Hence, look into reality and act upon the actions of people. Never allow hypocrisy to rule over you and your independent thoughts. If a person truly loves you, he/she allows you to do whatever you feel like doing, whatever you love and always strive harder to make you happy and satisfied. Don't be a trophy on a shelf, because you deserve more than that. Always choose a person who can make you feel comfortable even in a four-walled hut and never choose a person who makes you feel suffocated in a huge mansion. Understand the difference between being on a shelf and being in the open air. Just breathe...

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