Level of Hypocrisy - Queer v/s Queer

Don't think that the LGBT community is so united and lovely together every single day. Sorry, we aren't there yet. It took decades to build up a whole community in a few countries. It's everywhere and in every single community. Because no two humans are the same and no two humans can have the same kind of opinions. It's agreed but in the other communities which formed under the basis of religion, region, caste, and creed. But the LGBT community has formed based on the sexual orientations and sexual freedom of people. Its main aim is to be treated equally with other citizens who lead lives according to the societal gender norms. When the world's LGBT communities have formed, the founders and the people who followed them have suffered and struggled a lot until their last breath. All they have done that for the sake of "Equality".

Forget about getting treated equally with others in society, do you think every person in the LGBT community is treating each other equally without any differences? We shout a lot of slogans on roads to enlighten others to know the importance of the Queer but we never give a damn about knowing the importance of each other in the community itself. For the world, people who roofed under the LGBT community are sexual minorities. The society has suppressed us, we don't have to suppress ourselves more by dragging each other down with our hypocritical thoughts which lead us nowhere but the downfall of the community.

These are not just the words which are drafted for the sake of emotional boost, these are the experiences in the current society. Having gone through a lot of oppression, the queer people are trying to lead their lifestyles by coming out of their closets and choosing the people they love. Unfortunately, we are also choosing people to judge. Do you think that we should be judgmental enough to fellow queers? After all, we get judged in many ways by many people every day. The last thing an any queer person expects is to not get judg