Level of Hypocrisy - Promises v/s Promises

There is a famous saying which states that never promise when you are blissful and never throw words when you are furious. Because in these two situations, a person can never reform and reconsider what he promises or what he spills. These are tricky enough to make a person stuck with guilt and utmost sadness. Especially promises, when they are broken, a person feels devastated to the core. Promises lead to expectations if they get delivered, a person feels delighted, but if they get broken, a person feels disappointed. Promises sometimes have the power of giving strength and at the same time, they also have the power of destruction.

Promises don't have to deal with anything because dealing within themselves is a hard task, because they always stagger between being fulfilled and being broken. We, humans, promise others about a few things to fulfill which brings happiness to those whom we promise. But when we fail to deliver those promises to meet, we become the reason for sadness. We promise others in two extreme situations in life. One: when we are on cloud nine, in our utmost happiness to make others happy and satisfied. Two: when we are in deep tragedy and want others to believe us and also to boost some energy in already destroyed souls.

Life is so strange, it makes a person do the same thing in various extreme situations and the result will be the same at the end, either happiness or sadness. Only, the emotion of love can bring a person the utmost happiness or deep sadness. Hence, we ought to promise our loved ones or to believe promises from them, in these two extreme situations.