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Level of Hypocrisy - Promises v/s Promises

There is a famous saying which states that never promise when you are blissful and never throw words when you are furious. Because in these two situations, a person can never reform and reconsider what he promises or what he spills. These are tricky enough to make a person stuck with guilt and utmost sadness. Especially promises, when they are broken, a person feels devastated to the core. Promises lead to expectations if they get delivered, a person feels delighted, but if they get broken, a person feels disappointed. Promises sometimes have the power of giving strength and at the same time, they also have the power of destruction.

Promises don't have to deal with anything because dealing within themselves is a hard task, because they always stagger between being fulfilled and being broken. We, humans, promise others about a few things to fulfill which brings happiness to those whom we promise. But when we fail to deliver those promises to meet, we become the reason for sadness. We promise others in two extreme situations in life. One: when we are on cloud nine, in our utmost happiness to make others happy and satisfied. Two: when we are in deep tragedy and want others to believe us and also to boost some energy in already destroyed souls.

Life is so strange, it makes a person do the same thing in various extreme situations and the result will be the same at the end, either happiness or sadness. Only, the emotion of love can bring a person the utmost happiness or deep sadness. Hence, we ought to promise our loved ones or to believe promises from them, in these two extreme situations.

Saying "I love you" when you are inside someone you like, lust or love, is a very easy thing, because the extreme satisfied happy soul of a person in the emotion of love, make that person utters such phrase during making love. But, fulfilling the promise of loving the other person is completely different and difficult. Sometimes, that exact "I love you" can get transformed into "I hate you" in reality. And this is one of the main reasons, many people stopped believing others and the promises made by them. Because the consequences are fluid, they may change their direction at any time and sometimes their state too. Sometimes, they become solid, when the people promise you to keep their word and sometimes, they evaporate when the same people break their promises. So, it is always suggested not to keep blind faith in those promises.

But, we always run behind those promises in the hope of getting fulfilled by the person who promises us. Hence, we expect from them and those expectations lead to disappointments in the most demeaning, degrading and depressing forms. Promises always tag along with hypocrisy with them. The person who promises a beautiful life to you can be the same person who may ruin your life too. All his love may get substituted with all his ignorance.

A person who promised you that he would stay with you forever could be the same person who ended up cheating on you. Here, the reason behind those broken promises might be him or it might be you. Purposefully and unintentionally, sometimes, we become reasons for breaking the promises of another person. A human attitude, mentality, and mindset can never be stable and if you are a person, who deals with mental issues, then never keep hopes on promises, they may destroy your mental peace.

Are you wondering how hypocrisy plays a role in dealing with promises? Well, before breakups, we all promise so many things to our loved ones but don't you feel that breaking up a relationship, itself a broken promise? We commit and we sign for a few personality traits of a person before getting into a relationship with that person. After a few days or months or even years, we may realize that the same person with whom we fell in love has become no more lovable and faithful to share the whole life. And this is when we break the highest prioritized promise. With that single promise, all the other promises with that particular person get collapsed. The results of those breaking promises are divorces when it comes to marriages.

The reason can be you or the person on whom you develop trust and feelings of love, either of you or sometimes both of you can become hypocrites in breaking all the promises in your relationship. The same promises on which your relationship has built can be reasons for the fall of your relationship. Because can be hypocritical thoughts, if they don't get delivered or cherished. And most importantly, the level of hypocrisy rises to another extent, especially if you consider the behavior of a person after someone keeping the promise and breaking the promise.

Regardless of the emotions and feelings of love, a couple always behaves hypocritically, in the aspect of the promises. For suppose, if your boyfriend promised you to take out for a classy date and kept his promise by delivering more than he promised, your happiness would have surely touched the sky but what if he didn't keep his promise? Could you be the same person without reacting to the breaking of a particular promise? Well, you can never be that same person who won't react when someone breaks their promise, that too in this millennial era, 'Impossible'. Isn't it hypocrisy to behave in two different ways, basing on how your partner keep or break his promise?

At the same time, people who break the promises which are made to their partners, react in an utmost hypocrisy way by playing the victim card or blame game. They just come up with annoying and unimaginable excuses if they break their promises to their partners and in return they expect their partners, not to react to their behavior, as if it is possible. Will you be the same person if someone breaks their promises which were made to you? And most importantly, if you break your loved one's heart and the promise you made to him/her that you will never break his/her heart, it is just showing your ultimate level of hypocrisy under the emotion of love.

Promises are fragile, easy to break, hard to keep!

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