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Level of Hypocrisy - People before and after Love!

Love- The word which gives goose bumps to those who are in it and who were in it too. It is the only word which brings tears out of eyes even in happiness and in sadness. This pristine word never loses its chastity because it's not just an emotion. It's more than that, which is beyond imagination. And this is the only word which gets diluted every single day in every single possible way all around the world. The people from various continents, countries, cultures and traditions are involved and immersed in this word but they are at various levels. Some at basic and some at intense level of love.

Why do they have to dilute the value of Love? Why everything before love is difficult becomes easy after love? Why do they behave in a different way before and after love? Why do they take this word for granted? Why all the strengths before love suddenly change into weaknesses after love? Why do they show hypocrisy before, during and after love? Why those loving souls become social hypocrites?

Have you ever been in love? Have you got treated by your partner like the most important one in the world and to the contrary have you felt like a left over after you accepted his/her proposal? Well, then you and your partner perfectly nailed being social hypocrites.

There is only one form of Love, which is precious and pure. In my words, before love is the period before accepting the proposal of getting committed to each other. After love is the period where people get committed and engaged to each other. Nowadays, Love is no more a feeling. It's just a phase in a person's life. And people are mistaking the word Love to words called Lust, Infatuation and Confusion.

People before love act very curious and anxious to know everything about their partners. They treat them like their topmost priority. They would be with them in their every special moment. They remember every single date that makes them feel attached and loved. They wouldn't portray any difficulties in accepting their partners as themselves. Everything would be treated as surprising aspects before and during love. The time management would never be an issue before love. The society would never come into the picture before love. People won't give a damn to anyone's words before love. Before love, everything is magical and beautiful. The time people spend with their partners in love, is the maximum than they spend with others. The level of hypocrisy is null before love.

During love, the whole maximum, overflowing, unlimited love scenario decreases a bit in its intense levels. The feelings become limited and the thoughts become restricted. The people get committed. The experiences become rigid. The involvement into each other's soul become finite. The curiosity levels to know about each other becomes slightly low. The emotions and feelings become bounded. The time schedules become fixed. The meaning of love becomes predefined. The people during love finally become reserved. And the love becomes constrained. This is the time where the level of hypocrisy gets a little elevated.

After Love, is the scenario in which people get totally comfortable with their partners in every possible way. The curiosity levels almost get decreased to ground level, because people hardly feel any curiousness about their partners, and when it comes to anxious levels, they totally get vanished because, what would be left more to be anxious about knowing their partners. Everything becomes priority to people except their partners because they assume that their partners can understand them no matter what. And this when people start feeling that they are taken for granted. Forgetting special days is the most common thing in this phase because people start depending more about social media and calendar notifications.

The time schedules of people make them totally unavailable to each other. Because, people will give a simple excuse of responsibilities and secure life in the future. It's hard to spend some quality time together because, sex would already become a part of the daily routine. The excitement levels become null after love because people think what they have to excited for, when they have everything with them including their unexcited partners.

Most importantly, all the strengths before accepting a person as themselves suddenly gets converted into weaknesses after getting committed to the same person. Because, they care more about what society think, than what their partner wishes for. The opinions of people cost more than the opinions of their partners. Why all the openness, broad-mindedness, straightforwardness of a person would get shrunk right after getting committed to the person they love? Is it because of society? Why these people in love have turned out to be social hypocrites just to control their partners? Why they get easily bored of the nature of their partners, which they adored in the initial stages of love? Where all the love vanishes off suddenly when it comes to portraying your partner as exactly like himself/herself in front of this screwed up society?

The questions, themselves are the answers to people who are in the so called phase of "After Love". People in love become social hypocrites to each other just because they choose to convince society by controlling the wishes and desires of their partners. Love won't be dealt as a feeling anymore because by the time people reach its last stage, they feel it as a burden.

Ignore this if you aren't among those people, but, check yourself once before ignoring it. Love is an emotional feeling which can never be diluted by these societal restrictions. It must be shown and flaunted enough to make people understand the connection between two partners. Never restrict yourself and your partner just because of societal issues, assumptions and judgments. The society will judge you in every possible way, that doesn't mean you should forget about the love and take control over each other to restrict each other. Love is all about freedom, respect it. Don't be a hypocrite in Love at least, because no matter what phase you are in, the meaning of love should never change. If it's getting diluted or changed, well, it's not Love..!!

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