Level of Hypocrisy - Open relationships v/s Open-mindedness !

Well, that's kind of an offensive question to millennials, isn't it? And yeah, if you are one among those people who believe in open relationships, you may feel this particular piece of writing offensive, especially those who judge monogamy. And also those people who believe in monogamy, but doubt themselves and their mindsets when it comes to understanding open relationships. Commitments and mindsets are two different worlds, but come with a fine connection between them. A person must open himself first to understand this delicate connection.

What is the meaning of open-mindedness in your mind? Dig deep and think. No one can come to a particular definition of it because one person's mindset varies from others. Ignore all the people from older generations. They follow the same ritual even today. No change is their motto. Hence, it's a waste of energy to argue with some of them who can never think out of their minds. But, what happened to millennials? Agree with it or not, we struggled lesser than the older generation people, especially the LGBT community of the whole world. We, the queer millennials, instead of understanding the mindsets of people, we are judging them.

Isn't it hypocritical to question a person's open-mindedness when he/she cannot get into open relationships? This is the worst level of hypocrisy a person can show to others. In open relationships, a couple is allowed to open up the possibilities to explore other people they meet. They can hang out, they can have sex and they can know others by still being in a relationship with one person. For some, this might be exciting and fun, but for some, this is deviating and frustrating. There are still many people who exist on earth who believe in monogamy and if you consider them as old school people, then you must also consider yourself as dumb. Period.

Committing to one person is difficult and needs the too much-controlling capability to survive in a relationship, but that doesn't mean people who try open relationships are whores and unethical. If you think dealing one person is difficult, imagine dealing number of people in an open relationship, isn't it difficult too? Of course, there are too many fun factors, but the fun comes along with risks like emotional trauma. So, never judge people who open their arms to welcome many others and still holding on to one person they love and care. Relationships are difficult regardless of being with one person or too many people. It depends on how you understand the fellow person. You might not like monogamy, but there is no right for you to judge it and the same applies to open relationships too. In this millennial era, we are blessed enough to choose our partners', one or many and this has nothing to do with open-mindedness.

Switching on to the concept of open-mindedness which is generally about understanding, accepting and imbibing the culture, traditions, ethics, and freedom of every single person regardless of orientations and gender. This term has boomed up in the millennial era in the aspect of making people accept each other no matter what. In the queer community, most people use this particular term to defend themselves against people who question their sexual, physical, mental and financial freedom.

If it is all about accepting each other, why the question of being open-minded, always linked up with the commitments people make in terms of their sexual, physical and emotional relationships? Isn't it hypocrisy? Why a monogamy loving person has to double-check herself and her open-mindedness when she can, never get ready to allow her partner to explore the possibilities with others? Why a person who is in an open relationship struggle to understand and always mock the person who is happy in his monogamy? In addition to being hypocritical towards others, these kinds of people are also being hypocritical to themselves and their mindsets' too. Because if you question someone else's priorities in the commitments they make, then subtract yourself from the crowd of open-minded people. Because you aren't one.

If you can't handle open relationships, it's not your fault of being less open-minded. It's completely fine to choose what you want, but at the same time, you must give try to understand the concept of commitments, exploration, orientations, desires and people's freedom of choice too. And if you can't commit to one person, that doesn't mean no one can else. It's just not your cup of tea. You don't have to see them less open, they are just more committed. Try to understand this fine difference between open relationships and monogamy by being open-minded.