Level of Hypocrisy - My Gay Wedding match!

Marriages are made in Heaven, but the process of getting married is hell. And when we fantasize about Homosexual weddings, they are literally like pain in the ass, but still, people who love to get married to a same sex partner will never give up a thought of settling down with one guy after a lot of fuck ups in their life. Thinking about gay weddings in India is really hypothetical. The answer for a gay wedding in India end up with unnecessary questions, judgmental criticism and most importantly unimaginable hypocrisy!

Well, the desperation towards getting married and dreaming about settling with a stable partner is totally like roaming in La La Land. It's romantic to dream, but quite hectic in practice. Likewise, I personally dream a lot about my wedding not about getting married to a partner. I love the theme of weddings, but not married life. Being an open and proudly rebellious gay guy, I'm always open to all possibilities in my gay life, including entertaining many unworthy and undeserving people in the process of dating. So, I recently got screwed up to the core by accepting a gay wedding match from one of my friends who stays in Canada.

Canada and Punjabis' are connected forever. So, this female who was one of my pals, has literally suggested me one of her friends who was gay too. As I always expressed my views about getting married to a gay guy, all my acquaintances and well wishers, love to set me up with gay guys from every nook and corner of the world. So, she also set me up with this well settled and handsome Gay business man from Gurgaon, Delhi. And, for god's sake, he was a Punjabi.