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Level of Hypocrisy - Love v/s Lust !

Hypocrisy is everywhere and everyone is a hypocrite, knowingly or unknowingly. Because everyone likes to see the world run according to their wills and wishes. Hence, most of us end up becoming social hypocrites to fight for our thoughts to prove them right at any cost no matter what. And if you think that you aren't among them. Sorry, it's high time to check yourself whether you like someone only if they behave the way you want them to behave with you. Hope you got the point. Well, in that case, you are added to the countless list of hypocrites. You must be offended by now. But, the bitter truth is, under the name of love, everyone is a hypocrite and no one can deny it. Wonder how? Scroll down!

Love is that one optimistic emotion which involves a hell lot of positive and negative thoughts. But everything is fair in love and war. According to a few statistics, 70% of people get attracted to others physically considering the charming looks and fascinating body assets. 20% of people don't give a damn about looks if you own a Lamborghini or at least a beach house. They see your money, honey! The remaining 10% of people are the good ones who don't care about materialistic and bodily pleasures. These are the most dangerous ones than the formerly mentioned people. Because they feel for the people who are good at hearts and who can take good care of people whom they get committed. This 10 % of people will be with them after scrutinizing them to the core and they start acting as gods by giving life to people who are ugly and poor. These gods can't take criticism and smartness from the people whom they gave a chance to have a better life.

Hence, society is mostly running on Lust, Not Love. At least Lust is dominating and three steps ahead of Love. In every context, the forms of Lust differ from one another. Sex, Money, Social status, Prestige, and Goodwill are few forms of Lust which are ruling the society in the name of Love. We all marry each other by considering all these things in mind. There is no wrong in it. To excel in life, one must have some kind of Lust to achieve something one loves. Are you thinking about how this is making a person a hypocrite? Well, about that...

We all human beings are complicated. When we have a person who loves us to the core, but impotent in bed or not flexible in sex, we always drift our paths to cheat on our partners with someone who fucks us so good and make us feel orgasmic and satisfied. Likewise, if we have a partner, who always focuses on sleeping with us and nothing more than that, we search for someone who can understand us, talk to us, be with us and make love in the way exactly how you wanted to be handled. Either way, some or the other day, we all think about cheating on our partners to get what we want. In the worst case, some of us may end up cheating on our partners and be with the person whom we like. Though we have the utmost love on our partners, our lusty thoughts make us find someone who can physically, emotionally and has financially satisfied us. This is everyone's story. Do not even think to deny it. Because every single thought counts.

At this point, to fulfill our empty wishes, we all become social hypocrites. If we think about searching someone to give us a better life other than our partners and if we are sure that we deserve it, then why do we act so weird if our partners commit same deeds like us? Why can't we just let them go and get someone who they like or love? Hypocrisy. Yes, we behave as social hypocrites because when a boyfriend stares at other girls, that becomes a big mistake and when a girlfriend move closer with her male pals, that's modernity! Man, that's what hypocrisy is all about. When you name a girl as a gold digger and you filter guys basing on the number of zeros in their salary, what are you then? A fucking social hypocrite. Both ways, the lust of money is quite visible.

Regardless of gender and orientations, we all humans act the same when it comes to choosing the Love of our life. Some of the other way, the forms of Lust get involved to find someone special and to be with our special someone. That's not a mistake. Some do it for name and fame and some do it for a better future. Simple. But none of us have any right to degrade our fellow human being based on the choices he/she made regarding the Love. If you think that lust in the forms of Sex, money, name and fame act as sources for someone you hate marry his/her partner, then it's high time to realize what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do regarding your so-called Love. Do you think so, that you fell in love without considering your lust forms?

Don't be a social hypocrite and poke on people's love life. All of us have rights to live on our terms and wishes. Hence, we are no one to comment on people's personal life choices. We are already a hypocrite in our own lives to ourselves. Why do we have to take an extra burden of becoming a social hypocrite by commenting on others?

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