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Level of Hypocrisy - Looks v/s Love

Around 80% of people are conscious about looks when it comes to being in relationship with people. Many of us consider physical attractions as the base to build a romantic relationship with the other person. Do you agree with it? Yes? Don't say No. Because that makes you a clearer hypocrite. And yeah, if you are one among those true souls who understand the beauty of the soul than the beauty of a body, then you are truly a great human being. But, come on. You still not one among them.

Looks do matter for people to get into a relationship. Forget about a relationship, nowadays, looks are considered as standards in the dating life scenario because people hardly bother about their relationship and love. They are mostly concerned about how their partners look and dress. Because looks are the only visible criteria for any person to show off his and his partner's personality to the crowd and eagerly wait for the crowd to compliment them as "made for each other". For this simple fake compliment, people are becoming mad for each other to look like a well dressed plastic toy and get validations from society.

Well, all this social drama is truly a fake scene depicted in front of the people, but deep inside those people who look good together are the ones who act broken to one another. Hypocrisy is everywhere and everyone is a hypocrite, especially in Love. We all fall for people who look good, who has a nice ass, whose pelvic area is wider and who is well built and well maintained. We almost check every box before even striking a conversation with any person. No matter a virtual or real life dating scenario, the concept of getting attracted to each other mostly depends on the looks. The character, behaviors, preferences, professions, personal choices come after the looks. Only very few people see the beauty of a person through his/her heart. And sometimes even they mess it up.

The irony is people who look like shit wants a golden throne to sit on and conquer the beauty world being the exact antonym of it. Imagine a guy who looks like an ugly and broken drug addict want a girl who looks like a heroine (not the drug), well, that's what the real form of hypocrisy. When you look like a pig, how can you expect a swan to accompany you? See, here always the looks matter to even talk to another person. Well, this is the current perspective of people in the millennial era. This is one form of being a social hypocrite in the concept of love where a person considers and judge the looks of others, being himself/herself an ugly one.

Some people fall in love with each other after analyzing and scrutinizing all the body and materialistic traits of a person. They get committed for life and pretend to be leading a happy life in the eyes of society. But indeed they act as hypocrites for each other. After passing too many years of a relationship, these committed partners stop liking each other and they just make love for the sake of their sexual desires. There wouldn't be any love left between them because some of them think that their partners are not pretty anymore. They start judging the looks of their partners, the wrinkles and stretch marks, the hair loss and belly fat, act as their means of not liking each other anymore. This is another pure form of hypocrisy where love versus looks fights against each other to survive a relationship forcefully. How funny is it that two people who are in a relationship for a long time with all the love, care and affection, suddenly act as hypocrites to each other based on their physical appearances and judge each other and only get into each other to fulfill their lust-worthy sexual desires instead of making love out of love.

Many of us are behaving the same way all the time throughout our life. Love is all about perfectly embracing the imperfections. When we promise to love each other forever, why do we break it just because of those materialistic and bodily fluctuations our partners face in a relationship? Why can't we act mature enough to deal with those temporary physical appearances and focus on permanent emotional bonding? Why do we have to behave like social hypocrites and declare the concept of looks as a winner over the concept of love? The level of hypocrisy for all those people who believe in physical appearances more than emotional attachments is high and that will lead to taste the bitter side of life in the future. Because, with our hypocritical mindsets, we also must think that every one of us becomes old and every one of us gets out of shape and every one of us gets faded away in the aspect of beauty and every one of us become imperfect one day. On that particular day, only emotional bonding helps us to lead a happy life.

So, stop being a social hypocrite and stop focusing on looks. Try to embrace the beauty of a soul than the beauty of a body. Of course, looks do matter, but not all the time. We all are hypocrites, but don't be a hypocrite to a person who loves you so much than anyone else by judging their appearances because that will make you lose your identity being a person who you are.

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