Level of Hypocrisy - in the mode of Multiple partners ...

Choosing and maintaining multiple partners is the concept that has existed since the ages of sages and gods. The concept got diluted in the process of gaining the population to the degrading human values to fulfill one's sexual desires or to enlarge one's rein of caste or community or creed out of greed. This is always considered as normal in the whole world, though it is quite abnormal in the current scenario after the whole world is already overpopulated. But when it comes to the current situations in a dating scene, the aspect of managing multiple partners is getting considered as a smart move or a bitchy move. Yes, being smart and being bitchy are two opposites and this is where the hypocrisy levels of humankind elevate to something stupid and abnormal.

Imagine a male and a female fall in love with each other and maintain a successful relationship until the entry of another female into that particular male's life. After a few encounters, the male behaves two-timing on both the females until one of them gets to know about the other. This particular drama is considered so cool in the current society because he is a male and there's a partiality for the gender he falls into, just considered as a tactic of masculinity. But imagine the other way around, if a female cheats on his partner no matter whatever the reason could be, she would be treated like a slut straight to the point. Don't you feel the society we are living in, is so hypocritical in its thoughts. Nevertheless, genders and orientations exist in the current scenario, the energies of masculine and feminine are always treated in a completely different way. Masculine energies are allowed to be with multiple partners, whereas the feminine energies would be considered as social demeaning creatures if they commit the same as masculine people. Here, the energies meant the feelings. Tough feelings come under masculine energies, whereas tenderest feelings are considered feminine.

It can be with a male or a female who is having either of the energies. Why it is hard for people to accept polyandry when compared to polygamy? Why we behave as social hypocrites when a woman goes around with multiple partners to choose her soulmate whereas we call it a smart move when a man does the same in being with multiple partners. We are civilized people who still follow the uncivilized rules which have been ruling since ages. Don't you think we should become a bit matured enough to consider both male and female as same in the concept of being with multiple partners?